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So you are living the dream. You do gigs. You’ve become your own boss, at least part of the time —  consulting, freelancing, side-hustling, and generally living the good life.

But the fruits of the freelance economy come with a few aspects you might not have considered.

You are your own manager now. What that means you’ve entered both executive and mid-level management: you’ve got to effectively manage your most precious resource, time, and you need to keep track of the flow of expenses, revenues, and even taxes. Maybe you’ve had experience with this, or maybe not.

You are also your own marketing department. How do you get new customers? What is your brand, and how do you build it?

And you are head of IT, as well. This comes with a lot of territory, but perhaps most crucially responsibility for your own cybersecurity. Facebook and the Department of Defense were repeatedly hacked in the last year, while internet privacy itself is increasingly under attack. How do you keep your own data safe?

Ah, but you are also customer support —  you’ve got to go the extra mile to make sure that your customers are happy, and learn how to handle that most tricky of situations, the unhappy customer.

Managing yourself as a workforce of one in this increasing dynamic economy isn’t something they teach at business school. It’s something you fundamentally learn by doing, but there’s good news: at Breeasy, we’ve been there and done that and we are here to make things easy. Or at least easier.

In addition to an array of tools we are developing (such as Breeasy Money, an app which offers easy time management and free invoicing), we’ll be providing resources here on topics such as freelancing platforms, staffing firms vs. independent projects, contracts, industry trends, and the importance of controlling your data.

Stay tuned. Things are about to get Breeasy.

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