Amazon Prime is a great deal. But you can get even more discounts on products by taking advantage of their “Subscribe and Save” feature that lets members save up to 20% off base prices with new subscriptions or renewals. Here’s how to take full advantage of this awesome Amazon discount, so your wallet stays lean while your eyes stay open wide!

The “how to save money on amazon” article provides 27 ways to save even more on Amazon. The article is a great way to start saving money.

Although Amazon is among the top online retailers, did you realize there are ways to improve it even more? Millions of products, including books, clothes, electronics, and other commodities, are sold through Amazon. You can download a ton of free items from there to your Kindle as well.

I adore Amazon for my purchasing. Finding what I’m searching for is so simple, and the costs are typically rather affordable. Additionally, I can always rely on Amazon to stock anything I need, including food, gadgets, and books. The simplest method for me to shop for everything I need is on Amazon.

At the same time, the business makes it so simple to purchase something that sometimes we aren’t even aware of how much money we are really spending. When you purchase online, it may be difficult to keep track of all the little charges when they accumulate over time. We will improve your Amazon online shopping experience by using these fantastic money-saving tips that we have discovered.

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27 Ways to Save Money on Amazon


These tips will enable you to reduce the cost of your purchases regardless of whether you’re a novice or a seasoned Amazon shopper. Here are 27 strategies to maximize your Amazon shopping experience, from utilizing discount codes to taking advantage of free delivery deals. The next time you’re prepared to purchase, keep these suggestions in mind!

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1. Use Price Tracking Tools


There are several tools available for monitoring Amazon product pricing. Finding the best discounts may be made easier by doing this. CamelCamelCamel is one of the tools for monitoring prices that is most often used.

When a product’s price falls below your predetermined threshold, you may utilize the website to obtain a notice, and you can then shop around for the best deal. Finding the finest Amazon discounts may be really easy with the use of price monitoring tools. Isn’t it fantastic?

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2. Tell Amazon Household About Your Amazon Prime Membership


You may share your Amazon Prime membership advantages with up to four other household members, something you are probably not aware of as a member of Amazon Prime. Saving money on things like shipping and streaming entertainment may be done in this manner.

All you have to do is establish an Amazon Household and invite the other members to access your prime perks. This may be a fantastic approach to get a sizable discount on Amazon. There are many individuals that are unaware of this exploit!

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3. With Your Student Email, Get 6 Months of Prime


Students may successfully use this trick. By creating an EDU email account, college students may get a free six-month trial of Amazon Prime. This might be a fantastic method to test out Prime and determine if it is pricey enough for you. You may also get a free extension on your Prime membership by calling customer service. Adding Amazon Prime is a terrific idea.

You always have the option to end or renew your subscription after your six-month trial. If you are a student, this is a terrific way to acquire Prime for nothing.

We’ll be talking about a lot more hacks in this blog article. Keep an eye out for additional Amazon money-saving tips as we continue to unveil them.

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4. A Gift Card Trade


Do you have a bunch of discounted gift cards that still have some value but shouldn’t be kept? You may now swap them for a card with a larger balance via Amazon’s gift card exchange. Gift cards that you don’t intend to use may be disposed of in this manner. You may buy Amazon gift cards whenever you want, but did you know that you can also use existing prepaid Visa gift cards from other stores to do so?

This is a great choice if your old gift card is ready to expire or has lost value over time.

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5. Combine and Ship Purchases to Get Cheaper Rates And Faster Delivery


It’s not a foolproof hack, but for the most part, it works. Start by making two (or more) independent purchases within an hour, choosing standard delivery for all except one of them. The cost per item varies depending on where you live, but generally speaking, using Amazon’s One-Day Delivery is less expensive than buying anything online and waiting the customary two days for shipment, which is not Prime Shipping.

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6. Lightning Deals on Amazon


Many customers are unaware of the unique feature of Amazon called Lightning Deals. Lightning Deals are one-day offers that provide customers access to a limited amount of products or a certain window of time before the offer expires. A product may be on sale for “50% off for the next three hours,” for instance.

The problem is that Amazon Lightning Deals aren’t usually published in advance, so you have to keep an eye out for them. This might be an excellent strategy to get fantastic discounts on the products you need.

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7. Visit an Amazon warehouse or an Amazon outlet store.


Shopping online is fun, but finding items for less money is even more fun. You may browse through overstock and clearance products in a number of categories when making an Amazon warehouse purchase.

The catch is that although the majority of the things are brand-new and in excellent shape, some are used. But I believe this is a terrific bargain if you’re receiving a product that’s just as excellent as new for less money. This may be a terrific method to take advantage of some fantastic Amazon Warehouse offers. One of the less well-known Amazon hacks is this one.

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8. Get Credit For Free By Shipping Slowly


When making your order, pick FREE no-rush delivery rather than the free 2-day shipping option. For digital goods like music and movies, you will get credits or discounts. It is a fantastic method to obtain digital goods without having to wait the typical two days for delivery.

Physical things may also be sent for free with the Free No-Rush Delivery hack, although it will take a bit longer for them to arrive as prime shipping is not an option. This is a fantastic method to get a discount on Amazon.

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Use the Honey Chrome Extension, version 9.


Utilizing the Honey plugin is another excellent Amazon trick. It is a browser add-on that uses automated discount detection and application during checkout.

Honey is a terrific way to receive some additional discounts on Amazon without having to do anything. Installing the extension is all that is necessary; everything else will be taken care of. Amazon is undoubtedly a terrific location to save money.

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10. Use Custom Search Parameters to Find Something


Try out this amazing trick, which just requires you to add a few more characters at the end of the Amazon URL to create unique search criteria.

You can filter the products that are currently on sale by adding this text to the end of the Amazon URL: &pct-off=30-50.

(The term “pct” stands for percentage)

This is how you do it:

  • Access your Amazon account.
  • Go to the shopping category you wish to use.
  • Copy and paste this after the URL &pct-off=30-50
  • When you press Enter, a list of items in the category with discounts of 30 to 50 percent will be generated.

See goods that are 80 percent discounted by changing 30 to 50 to 80. You may get a list of Amazon items at steep discounts by using this on the Amazon website. It’s actually that easy!

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The Amazon Trade-In Program, or 11.


Utilizing the Amazon Trade-in program to exchange your outdated electronics for Amazon gift cards at a reduced price is another easy way to save money on

Amazon will offer you trade-in credit for any old games, books, or movies that you no longer desire.

There are thousands of different items that may be exchanged. If you have a product that qualifies, you may exchange it for a gift card.

If you often shop on Amazon, it’s undoubtedly worthwhile even if you get the value in the form of reduced Amazon Gift Cards rather than cash.

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12. Join Amazon’s Mailing List & Save


For those who shop from Amazon regularly, this is one of the best tricks. By utilizing this trick, you will be the first person to access today’s sale on the Amazon website.

Even if it may not be one of the top-secret Amazon tricks, this is undoubtedly a clever one.

Subscribe & Save allows you to subscribe to certain items and have them shipped to you on a regular basis. You will save 20% on the Subscribe & Save items and there is no commitment required – you may cancel at any time.

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13. Delaying check out may result in discounts.


This is a challenging tip, but it generally works. Amazon could give you a discount on a product if you add it to your basket but don’t finish the transaction. You might categorize it as one of the top-secret Amazon hacks.

The reductions typically persist for a few hours and may be as high as 20%. If you’re searching for a decent price, you may want to attempt this Amazon trick.

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14. Request refunds if the cost decreases.


The finest perk of online shopping is that you are entitled to a refund of the difference if the price of a product you buy reduces in the next week.

You must get in touch with Amazon customer support within the return window after the price reduction and provide evidence that the item was less expensive at the time of purchase. One of the other Amazon tricks to utilize while looking for the greatest price.

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15. Receive Free Items When You Sign Up For Amazon Prime


For those who already have Amazon Prime memberships, this is something. Free access to a selection of goods is one of the many advantages that Amazon Prime members get. There are several advantages to having Amazon Prime. You may also watch videos online and borrow free books from the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library in addition to the free two-day delivery.

These include songs, films, TV series, and literature. This is a fantastic method to get free items without doing anything.

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16. Use the Barcode to Find Products on Amazon


You may check to see whether a product is for sale on Amazon by searching for it there if you have the product’s barcode.

If you want to purchase a certain item but do not know the Amazon name, here are the most incredible Amazon hacks.

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17. When 2-day shipping is late, get 1 month of Prime for free.


You will get a credit for one month of free Prime if your Prime shipment is late. Within thirty days of the delayed delivery, you must request the credit. The fact that shipments might sometimes be delayed is one of Amazon Prime’s drawbacks.

One of the finest services on the planet is Amazon Prime. It’s a subscription that offers unlimited access to thousands of movies, books, and songs as well as free 2-day delivery.

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18. Benefit from Amazon Family without spending a dime


A program for Amazon Prime subscribers called Amazon Family (formerly known as Amazon Mom) may help you save a lot of money.

Within two months of your due date, you will get a 15% discount on all baby registry goods if you are pregnant.

Use the Subscribe and Save program to get a 20% discount on diapers. Imagine also not having to transport them all home. Being an Amazon Mom member has a number of benefits, including exclusive savings and coupons for baby items and a $10 credit when you join up.

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19. You Can Store Your Videos And Pictures For Free


You can save an infinite amount of films and photos for free if you have Amazon Prime.

If the storage on your phone or computer is filling up, this is one of the finest Amazon hacks.

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20. To get free delivery, you may place a pre-order right now.


By requiring a minimum $35 purchase to ship — things that Amazon would lose money on if they were shipped separately – Amazon’s Get It Now service saves you money.

Shipping is free, however, if you pre-order $35 worth of goods. If you want to buy many things from Amazon, this Amazon trick may be useful.

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Get Benefits for Your Birthday or Wedding


You will undoubtedly be astounded by this service provided by Amazon if you register your birthday or wedding.

If you want to buy many things from Amazon in the months before your birthday, this Amazon trick may be quite useful. It may be a great method to reduce the expense of your wedding if you’re inventive enough (i.e. parties, supplies, etc).

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24. Receive free delivery and a 20 percent discount on diapers.


This Amazon trick is exactly what you’ve been looking for if you’re a mother.

When you buy six or more boxes of diapers at once, the Subscribe and Save program gives a 20% discount.

If you want to buy diapers in bulk and save money, this Amazon trick may be useful.

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25. Have Your Groceries Delivered Right to Your Front Door for $5.99


You need go no farther than the Amazon Fresh program for an Amazon trick that will enable you to save both time and money. For the same $5.99, Amazon Prime Pantry can send you a sizable package of practically any grocery store item. You may always subscribe and use this service to save money.

You can obtain the greatest deal on the item you’re buying for with this Amazon trick.

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26. Amazon Double Browser Trick


If you want to save money on Amazon, this little more sophisticated technique may be quite beneficial.

In order to use this Amazon trick, you need to open two browsers and compare prices on the things you desire in both of them. There must be at least one of them from a different email or incognito mode.

It’s worth checking since sometimes one browser may provide a better price than the other.

Search Amazon’s worldwide sites to compare prices to see what others in other countries are paying for the same thing as you are.

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27. The Kindle Lending Library Offers One Book Free Each Month.


Whether you know it or not, Amazon offers a fantastic service called Kindle Unlimited for a monthly fee of $10.

The free Amazon Prime membership makes it possible for you to borrow any Kindle books, making it the perfect approach to get unique reading material.

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last thoughts


You’ll be able to save time and money on your shopping with these 27 Amazon hacks. So keep these tips in mind the next time you want to make a fast or impulsive purchase online. Don’t lose out on these Amazon tricks. Make sure to tell your friends about them.

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