You may be looking for a simple opportunity that requires little work, but that will still meet your financial needs. You may also be thinking about starting a blog. Either way, I’m sure you will enjoy articles that provide valuable information and tips about money. I have compiled a list of 50 websites that pay you to write and earn money from home. These sites allow you to write for free and earn money depending on the quality of your work.

A lot of people have the idea that writing for the web is easy, but it’s much more difficult than it seems. A lot of people think that it takes just a few minutes to compose an article and then submit it to an article directory or social bookmarking site. But, that is not how it works. You need to learn the best ways to write articles that will convince people to read your articles.

It’s the age-old logic that goes something like this: If you spend money on a product, you expect to get a good service in return. Most of us consumers have come to accept this, but sometimes we need a little nudge in the right direction. When that happens, we often turn to sites like sites like Make Money Writing Online.

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Get paid to write from home. 50+ websites that will pay you to write articles, short stories, fiction, poetry, features and articles from home. This post is a great place to start if you want to earn extra money from home by trying a new side hustle as a freelance writer. Ever fancied yourself as a published author writing the next blockbuster, what about a travel writer? Try these websites out for size.

Would you want to get paid for writing from home? This list of 50+ websites will pay you to write articles, short stories, fiction, poetry, features, and articles from the comfort of your own home has been collected by me.

If you want to earn additional money from home by starting a new side hustle as a freelance writer, this article is a fantastic place to start.

Even better, none of the sites mentioned in this article need you to be a professional freelance writer.

Have you ever imagined yourself as a published novelist working on the next big thing, or as a travel writer?

If you like writing, this might be the ideal side job for you.

Check out this list of 50+ websites that pay you to write.

A comprehensive list of websites that will pay you to write for them.

Because there are so many websites and magazines that will pay you to write, I’ve divided them into categories to make it simpler to find them:

  • Write short stories, poetry, and fiction.
  • Tell us about yourself.
  • Nonfiction articles and blog entries should be written.

Let’s get this party started…

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Get Paid to Write Short Stories, Poetry, and Fiction

Have you ever dreamed of one day writing a book? What about a poem or a short story?

If that describes you, why not try writing for one of these sites while also earning money…

(Find out how to establish your own writer’s website if you want to become a professional freelance writer.) It’s similar to having an online CV to show off your finest work and attract new customers.)

The People’s Advocate

The People’s Friend has given an useful advice sheet for each kind of article they’re searching for, ranging from short tales to pocket novels.

Pay: How much you’ll be paid to write for The People’s Friend is determined by how long you’ve been writing for them. New authors begin with an initial fee of £80, increasing to £110 after six successful submissions. Each instalment of a series costs £150. £300 for pocket novels and “long reading.” Poems are priced at £15 each.

One Story

One Story is seeking for literary fiction, and tales between 3,000 and 8,000 words are accepted and paid.

Pay: $500


Zizzle will pay you to create fiction for children ranging in age from 11 to adults. The tale should be between 500 and 1,200 words long.

Each approved flash fiction work will be paid $100.

The Arcanist is a kind of arcanist.

You may earn money by writing mini tales for The Arcanist.

For 100 words, you will be paid $10.


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Online Flash Fiction

Original flash fiction between 500 and 1,000 words is accepted at Flash Fiction Online.

 Original fiction pays $60 each piece.

Literary Craft

Craft publishes original and reprinted fiction, as well as critical essays, interviews, book annotations, and more.

Pay: They offer $100 for original flash fiction and $200 for original short fiction to their writers.

The Sun Magazine is a publication that publishes articles about

The Sun Magazine is seeking for non-fiction, fiction, and poetry submissions.

Pay ranges from $300 to $2,000 for nonfiction. Poetry – $100 to $250 Fiction – $300 to $2,000

Fireside Magazine is a publication that focuses on the outdoors

The Fireside Fiction Company publishes short stories. They want to publish excellent tales, regardless of genre.

Words are paid at a rate of 12.5 cents per word. They will pay $400 for a full-color artwork.

Science Fiction by Asimov

Science fiction tales are published in Asimov’s Science Fiction magazine. 

They like tales that are between 1,000 and 20,000 words long. While poetry should be kept to a maximum of 40 lines.

Pay: 8-10 cents per word for short tales up to 7,500 words, and 8 cents per word for stories longer than that. Poetry is paid at $1 per line.

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You may be paid to tell your tale.

There are many newspapers and websites that will publish your personal tale for a fee.

There are a few distinct choices available. I’ve included “sell your tale” sections where you are paid to tell your story but it’s written by someone else. They’ll almost certainly snap pictures of you or ask for photos to include in the story.

There are other websites that will accept and compensate you for real-life tales and anecdotes.

Reader’s Digest is a magazine published by Reader’s Digest.

Send a real tale about yourself to the world-famous Reader’s Digest in 100 words or fewer.

The cost is $100.

Asia Readers Digest

Readers Digest Asia is searching for authors in the following categories:

  • Inspirational tales or life-altering events – They pay $250 for published articles of 800-1,000 words.
  • acts of kindness — pay up to $100 for 100-500 words
  • Pay $50 – $100 for tales and jokes.
  • stories about your incredible animals – up to 300 words, up to $100

Bella Magazine is a publication dedicated to women.

Earn up to £1000 by sharing your own story with Bella Magazine.

Send them a short overview, and a member of the Bella features team will get in touch with you to confirm the specifics.

You may also write a letter and earn £50 if your letter is selected as the star letter.

Relax and unwind.

You could earn up to £2,000 if you sell your tale to Take A Break magazine.

They offer an online narrative form that you may use as a reference and give them a short summary of your tale.

Real People Magazine is a publication that focuses on real people

Real People Magazine will pay you a fee when your article is published if you share it with them.

They’ll conduct a thorough interview with you (typically over the phone) and request pertinent photos.

Dear Introvert,

Introvert Dear is seeking for articles on introversion to publish. On their new website, Highly Sensitive Refuge, they’re also seeking for stories on highly sensitive people.

They will pay you $40 if your article gets published.

Mummy is in good health.

Submit your transformation story to Healthy Mummy, along with high-resolution pictures to demonstrate your progress.

Pay: $100


Get ahead of the competition and show prospective employers your talent by publishing your writing on your own website.>>

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Write Non-Fiction Articles and Blog Posts for Money

Writing articles and blog posts on a number of topics may earn you money. A collection of blogs covering subjects such as parenthood, travel, business, blogging, outdoor activities, and more may be found below.

If you have an intriguing point of view, expertise in a certain area, or are excellent at research, writing nonfiction may be a wonderful way to supplement your income while working from home.

Here are a few excellent locations to begin…

Waves and Land

Land and Wave is an outdoor industry-focused blog.

They want to hear about people’s experiences, recommendations, and perspectives in the outdoor community.

Pay ranges from £50 to £100.

Journal of the Central Coast

The Central Coast Journal is seeking for stories on nostalgia, local personality profiles, subtle comedy, travel, book reviews, entertainment, and health that are cheerful and feel-good.

Articles should be between 600 and 1,400 words long.

They pay $75 for articles with artwork or pictures that are under 850 words and $100 for stories that are above 850 words and include artwork or photos.

The Life of a Travel Writer

They want to hear from individuals who have had success in travel writing, photography, the import/export industry, or operating their own tours and want to offer insider secrets.

Pay: $50-$75 for articles that are published on the internet, $100-$150 for interviews and personal tales, and $150-$200 for pieces that provide precise income recommendations that a reader may print and use to increase their earnings.

Taking the Lead

Original articles on social problems, glimpses into other people’s lives, a detailed look at a developing trend in popular culture, and investigations are all welcome.

remuneration: £50 per article

A Wonderful Parent

A Fine Parent is an online forum for parents searching for articles with a word count of 1,500 to 3,000 words.

Pay: $75

The United Kingdom’s Domain

Blogging, brand development, company growth, e-commerce, finding a job, personal branding, SEO, social media, retail, business and tech news, inventions, thinking pieces, personal experience articles, and technology are all subjects covered by the UK Domain.


  • £50 for mini-articles (400-600 words).
  • £100 for articles (600-1,500 words).
  • £150 for features (1,500 words or more).


Wanderlust is a travel magazine that accepts contributions in a variety of categories, ranging from location profiles to pocket guides.

Pay: Most magazine articles now pay £220 per 1,000 words published. Fact pages are paid at a prorated rate of £90 per page (about 750 words). Fees for other parts (such as Pocket Guides, Dispatches, and interviews) are determined on a per-article basis and agreed upon throughout the commissioning process.

101 Days of Holidays

101 Holidays wants to hear from you if you’re a travel writer. They do, however, provide an internship option for individuals who want to start out part-time and remotely.

Pay: £50 to £100 each published piece, depending on length and difficulty.

Our Times

Our Times is Canada’s independent Labour magazine, and as such, they favor articles that are set in Canada.

Features, poetry, and working for a livelihood are the three major topic areas.

They pay at least $100 for short tales and shorter features up to 1,500 words, $200 to $300 for larger features, and $25 for smaller things. For reviews, they pay $50. 

The Environmental Parent

Pregnancy and Conscious Birth, Breastfeeding, Family Life and Simple Living, Alternative Education, Natural Health and Beauty, Green Travel, Feeding a Family, Gardening, Especially Growing Your Own, and Sustainable Fashion are among the subjects they are searching for.

A full-length essay should be between 1,500 and 2,000 words long, whereas brief opinion articles should be about 600 words long.

The rate is £75 per 1,000 words.

The Stay-at-Home Mother

The At-Home Option Mum is seeking for articles with a word count of 600 to 800 words. Parenting Issues, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Birth and Breastfeeding, Family and Relationships, Saving Money, Online Business Startups, Christmas Food, Christmas Crafts, Christmas Meal Plans, Fitness and Beauty, Cooking and Homemaking, Crafting – phew!

Pay: $50


Zimmerit is searching for articles on Japanese fan culture from the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s. Articles on anime, model kits, toys, fandom, and doujinshi, for example, but don’t be hesitant to give them outlandish ideas as well.

Pay: $40


The Advocate is the only student publication at the Graduate Center. It is a source of news and information for City University of New York graduate students about their rights and educational, cultural, and professional interests. 

Pay ranges from $100 to $120 for pieces of 1,500 to 2,000 words, and $150 to $200 for lengthier writings. Other types of contributions, such as reviews and picture essays, are also compensated well. 

School for Self-Publishing

They want authors who are enthusiastic about writing, publishing, marketing, and business. You fill out a form and are given a list of pre-determined subjects to write on if you match their requirements.

Pay: $150 every blog article that is between 1,800 and 2,500 words long and satisfies our submission criteria.

Writer’s Weekly (WWW)

Writers Weekly is seeking for articles on how to earn money writing, home-based companies, and self-employment opportunities that may be found via writing, such as self-publishing, corporate writing, ghostwriting, and so on.

Pay: Feature pieces are $60 for 600 words, while Freelance Success Stories are $40 for 400 words.

Mom who works from home

Writers that can provide relevant, realistic, and actionable advice are sought by Freelance Mom. The length of guest articles should range from 900 to 1,500 words.

On their website, three kinds of content work well:

  • Articles written by individuals
  • Articles based on research
  • Specific systems, tools, or procedures are covered in these guides.

Pay: $75 to $100, with a special incentive of $150 if your post is at the top of their most shared for the month.

The Writer Who Walks Around Barefoot

The Barefoot Writer is searching for a variety of articles, including:

  • Monthly Motivator (600-800 words) — encourages readers to keep writing and working towards their objectives.
  • Our readers will learn how to get more done in less time with Productivity Secrets (400-600 words).
  • Cool Tools (400-600 words) are brief articles on helpful software, hardware, and other devices that can assist readers like you in writing, working, and landing more freelance writing gigs.
  • Thinking Like a Writer (700-900 words) explains how to get started or advance in a writing or freelancing profession.
  • Improve Your Writing Abilities (700-900 words) is about helping our readers improve their writing skills.
  • Glicken (600-800 words) is a picture essay on how your writing has helped you get a bit more out of life.

Payment ranges from $100 to $300 for published pieces, depending on the task.


Make a Listverse list with at least 10 things that is intriguing.

From Listverse, here are some excellent list ideas:

  • Lists that are unique and quirky – lists that look at something ordinary in a new manner (ways college makes you dumb, for example).
  • Mysteries that have yet to be solved
  • Hidden knowledge (information that the majority of people are unaware of)
  • Misconceptions
  • Surprising broad knowledge in any subject

Pay: $100


Expert HR experts and employment or labor lawyers with experience in any area of HR are constantly needed to write/edit action-oriented instructional articles for iWorkwell.

Depending on the length, intricacy, and degree of labor required, pay ranges from $20 to $195 per post.


SitePoint is a website that provides content for web developers, designers, and business owners.

Pay: not given, although it is said that “our authors are paid above industry rates for their work.”


Sign up for their writers’ forum if you want to be paid to create list-style feature pieces like 26 Sexy Halloween Costumes That Shouldn’t Exist, 6 Books Everyone (Including Your English Teacher) Got Wrong, The Actual Answers To 6 Famously Unsolved Movie/TV Mysteries, and so on.

Pay: $150 for the first four articles, and $250 for each subsequent piece.


Travelista is seeking for freelance writers and social media marketers with a passion for travel to join their team.

remuneration: $40 per 1000 words

Geeks from the Hostel

Hostelgeeks is a website dedicated to the best hostels in the globe.

Experts are needed in a variety of locations throughout the globe. This may be a native or a traveler with extensive knowledge of the city.

Hourly wage: $15

Create Your Own Content

Craft Your Content’s goal is to assist our clients in becoming better writers. They’ll need your help to do this!

They’re searching for authors who can provide articles on grammar, business, creativity, productivity, writing, and language.

Pay ranges from $75 to $150 each piece, depending on length, subject, and quality.

How to Investigate

Write about banking, travel, mobile, desktop, Mac, antivirus, network, and the internet.

You may earn up to $60 for each article that is approved.

The Inquisitive Reader

The Curious Reader is seeking for compensated writers to contribute to their site.

They think that every reader is a writer, and they want to offer that writer a platform to talk about and write about the books they’ve read, the literature that has inspired them, and the writers they’ve fallen in love with.

Pay: They don’t specify, but they do state that for essays and features, they pay per-word, and for fiction and poetry, they pay a flat price.

Help Stay

Help Stay is seeking for authors to provide inspiring material for their online community.

They are drawn to firsthand stories of living abroad, impact experiences, animal welfare, equality, volunteering, and giving back.

A published essay costs €110 (about $125).

Rank Pay

Rank Pay is seeking for skilled copywriters with experience in the following areas:

  • SEO
  • Marketing on the Internet
  • Small Enterprises

Pay: $50 for each 1000+ word original article they write.

I found out today

If you like learning new things and are good at doing research and uncovering fascinating information, then Today I Found Out is the place for you.

They pay, but the amount isn’t stated.

Make money by writing for websites that share revenue.

For creating an article, story, blog post, or poetry, the websites mentioned above will pay you a fixed rate.

However, there are certain sites that will pay you depending on how many people see your article.

To put it another way, you’ll get a cut of the income generated by your article, which is typically via advertising.

Take a look at the following examples:

Find Paying Writing Jobs

There are several excellent, genuine writing employment forums available as well. These websites specialize on paid writing opportunities, similar to how you might look for a job on a job board.

Here are a few for you to consider:


There you have it: 50 websites that will pay you to write for them!

If you want to work from home and like writing, this might be a great side hustle for you.

I’ve covered everything from poetry to revenue sharing sites, but if there’s one I’ve missed or if you have any advice on how to be published, please let me know.

If you have any suggestions, please leave them in the comments section below and I will add them to the list.

<<Don’t forget, if you liked this post check out my other posts on working from home opportunities:

There are millions of people all over the world that are looking for ways to generate passive income. But what if you can earn money from home, and you don’t even have to have a computer?. Read more about writing sites that pay daily and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What websites will pay you to write?

There are many websites that will pay you to write. You can find more information on the internet.

How can I earn money from home by writing?

You can start by writing for websites that pay you.

Where can I earn money by writing?

There are many places where you can earn money by writing. You can write for blogs, online magazines, and other websites.

This article broadly covered the following related topics:

  • websites that pay you to write short stories
  • writing sites that pay daily
  • get paid to write about anything
  • write and get paid instantly
  • get paid to write short stories
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