With the exponential growth of the global workforce, companies are scrambling to find workers with a gift for language. People who can transcribe audio and text into computer readable formats (a skill like no other) so that they can be readily processed by systems such as voice recognition software or search engines. This is a lot more than being able to read out loud in multiple languages – it’s about understanding what you’re listening to and writing it down accurately before your eyes have even seen it!

The “transcribeme” is a popular website that allows people to pay for transcription services. The site has been around for years and has been a good source of income for many people in the past.

You’ve come to the ideal blog article if you’re seeking for advice on the greatest transcribing jobs and you’re a newbie who wants to be paid handsomely.

I’m going to teach you how to make the most of all that texting and tea-drinking, believe it or not.

You never know whether this post may serve as the first step in a career as a transcriptionist, so have your quick fingers ready and ears pricked.

You won’t need any prior expertise, and I’ll be providing the finest transcribing websites and jobs for beginners that offer the highest wages in this post to help you get a jump start.

If you wish to begin a transcriber job or side business, keep reading.


You may click on some of the affiliate links on this page at NO ADDITIONAL COST to you, and I may get a commission. I hope this information is helpful to you! Thanks.

best transcription jobs

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9 Top Transcription Jobs Available Right Now 

Okay, enough enough! You’ve been waiting for this moment—a list of the top websites for beginners to look for online transcribing jobs!

Here are a few beginner-friendly websites for transcription:

Disclaimer: The wages and conditions indicated below reflect the going rates on the websites at the time this article is being written.

1. Take notes and type

best transcription jobs

Tests for transcribing, English language proficiency, and typing speed are prerequisites.

Pay: Pay: $0.60 per audio minute.60 per minute of audio

To transcribe audio files for focus groups for market research, interviews, and conferences, the UK-based firm Take Note Typing employs transcriptionists, audio proofreaders, and copy typers. 

They also feature a section for transcribing jobs in the legal and medical fields.

iDictate and Quicktate 2.

best transcription jobs

Tests in transcription and typing are prerequisites.

Paid: Varying

You may choose the hours you want to work as a transcriptionist for Quicktate.

The majority of your job involves voicemails, notes, letters, legal documents, medical records, call recordings, conference calls, and other audio files.

Third Scribie

best transcription jobs

Tests in transcription and typing are prerequisites.

Pay: From $5 to $20 per hour of audio

Although Scribie pays a little less than some other websites, it’s an excellent place to start as a novice and get your foot in the door. 

All of the files you’ll be transcribing using Scribie are 6 minutes or fewer, which is a wonderful feature.

4. Rev

best transcription jobs

Tests in grammar and transcribing are required.

Paid: Varying (lowest average earning per month is $245 and the top monthly earning is $1495)

Note: They provide cost-free instruction!

Rev is a fantastic place to begin if you’re looking for a transcription website. Particularly considering that they provide free training in the form of seminars and internships. 

Even after you finish a job, you’ll get comments from seasoned transcriptionists to make it better.

5. Transcriptions from Hollywood

best transcription jobs

Speed exam (65 words per minute) is a must.

Paid: Varying

You’ll have a variety of transcribing jobs since Hollywood Transcriptions has customers in the academic, entertainment, business, and legal sectors.

Crowdsurf 6.

best transcription jobs

Tests for speed and transcribing are prerequisites.

Pay: each audio minute, ranging from Pay: ranges from $0.03-$0.20 per audio minute plus additional bonus rates.03 to Pay: ranges from $0.03-$0.20 per audio minute plus additional bonus rates.20, and extra bonus rates

You don’t need any prior experience to start transcribing on Crowdsurf; all you need to do is pass their examinations. Each audio clip lasts between 5 and 30 seconds in the files.

GoTranscript 7. 

best transcription jobs

Test of transcription is necessary.

Pay: Pay: $0.60 per audio/video minute.60 per minute of audio or video

GoTranscript, one of the top websites for beginning transcribers, is always recruiting. Signing up and passing their quiz are the only requirements.

8. Upwork

best transcription jobs

Conditions: Variable

Paid: Varying

You’re all probably acquainted with Upwork. Numerous transcribing tasks are available on their job boards, which is the biggest freelancing marketplace in the world. There is no basic pricing; the only thing that matters is what you and your customer agree upon. 

9. Word Choice

best transcription jobs

English proficiency exam and transcribing test requirements

Pay ranges from Pay: $0.45 to $1.73 per audio minute.45 to $1.73 each audio minute.

Way With Words provides a friendly support team, a competitive pay rate, and a consistent flow of tasks. The audio files’ quality is excellent, according to reviews of Way With Words. 

Beginner-friendly transcription services that ONLY employ U.S. and Canadian citizens

best transcription jobs best transcription jobs best transcription jobs best transcription jobs best transcription jobs best transcription jobs

Ladies and gentlemen, those are all the top transcribing jobs for beginners.

You can earn a livelihood transcribing if you have the correct attitude, a laptop, Headphones, and Word for Windows. 

My best advice is to make an investment in yourself, whether it’s via training or a foot pedal. In my opinion, it will make your job simpler and more effective, allowing you to transcribe documents more quickly and earn more money. 

Any investment you make in yourself will always pay off, in my opinion.

What are you waiting for? Transcription jobs are simple and almost never need expertise. 

Let’s go out and demonstrate to the baby boomers the benefits of texting. 


A transcriptionist is what?

First things first, A transcriptionist is what? 

An individual who listens to audio recordings of individuals speaking and writes down what they are saying is known as a transcriptionist.

All done. I’m not kidding. There are businesses out there that will pay you well to do this. 

There are many transcribing jobs available for newcomers, but not all of them are worthwhile. I’ve created a list of the top transcribing jobs for this reason in this post. 

Transcribing is one of those things that you grow better at with practice, just like any new profession. That only implies that anybody may become a transcriptionist with enough perseverance and practice.

Assignments for transcription are no longer limited to the legal or medical sectors. Additionally, there is general transcription work and the newest and most popular genre: podcasts and video transcription for blogs. 

Work categories for transcription:

Are Transcriptions Done Well?

Being a freelance transcriptionist can be a fantastic match for you if you’re a proficient typist with good hearing and abilities to listen and you feel at ease utilizing a laptop for chores like research and downloading material.

The typical work-from-home transcriptionist makes an estimated $ 58,441 a year, according to Zip Recruiter. Therefore, if you are tenacious and persistent, you may make a fantastic supplementary income even if you are happy with your 9–5 work and want to attempt freelance transcribing employment.

best transcription jobs

While many transcription firms let their transcribers to work from the convenience of their homes, others need you to transcribing on-site.

Many companies in the general transcription sector, like gmr transcription, allow their staff members to work remotely. Another flexible occupation that does not need a lot of phone time is online transcribing employment, which is something that many people desire and need.

There are many companies that hire novices, even if you do not have expertise in transcription, which is another reason why people choose to work as transcribers.

In essence, this means that if you pass their transcribing exams, you are hired and prepared to work.

Being a transcriptionist is not without its challenges, just like any other profession. It’s not the kind of work where all you have to do is put on your over-ear Headphones, listen to a few brief audio snippets, write up a few sentences, and you’re done.

Be it with legal transcribing work or regular transcription assignments, the majority of customers have a set of incredibly particular criteria that you must grasp in order to style the document according to their requirements.

This has to do with the grammar rules, writing conventions, and a host of other preferences that your company will specify for you.

Be prepared to be quite precise in your work since you may have a lengthy document that you will need to refer to repeatedly to ensure that you are following the instructions exactly for each and every file you transcribe.

Remember that for a smooth transcription experience, you will want a dependable internet connection.

What Qualifications Are Necessary for Transcription Jobs?

The wonderful thing about looking for entry-level transcribing jobs is that you may start working as a general transcriptionist without a college degree or any previous experience.

Although some hands-on experience is usually advantageous, you only need a small set of abilities to begin looking for entry-level transcribing jobs.

Although people looking for careers in legal or medical transcribing will need specific training, they work in a range of industries as independent contractors or full-time workers. Transcribers use a range of technologies and are often in charge of administrative tasks.

To become a transcriptionist, you’ll need these abilities:

  • typing abilities
  • Focus
  • abilities to listen
  • Determination

Here are some examples of what could be required of you for an online transcribing job to give you a general sense of what to expect:

  • Understand the client’s instructions and note any formatting or notation requirements before you complete the transcription.
  • attending scheduled meetings to be informed about any changes.
  • completing transcriptions on time and reviewing drafts for grammatical, typographical, and formatting errors as well as other inconsistencies.
  • Be it with an audio file or any other video clip, observing all confidentiality standards and managing sensitive material with care.
  • keeping transcribing software up to date and undergoing refresher training as necessary
  • Communication is essential when there are issues.
  • delivering completed work to customers and, with their advice, fixing any issues.
  • Improve transcribing services and be prepared to take constructive criticism.

Don’t worry if you can’t check every box, particularly if you’ve never done transcription before. Any of the abilities may be developed and enhanced with effort and time.

Do I Have To Take A Test In Transcription?

With my readers, I’m always sincere.

Although you may not need any prior experience to become a transcriber, most employers will assess your English language fluency and transcribing abilities with an audio exam to make sure you are qualified to work as a transcriptionist.

To get you started, check out these websites that provide FREE practice:

Make a list of the businesses you want to apply to, take a couple of these practice exams, and as you grow better at transcribing, start by applying to your least favorite business before moving on to your top choices.

You multilingual people out there will also have additional work opportunities if you can speak more than one language fluently.

You may be required to provide a cover letter or résumé, depending on the transcription firm you are applying to, and to pass a test using transcription software and an audio sample.

If you have any administrative or typing experience, make sure to include it in your resume.

If your current typing speed is less than the minimum required for transcription jobs—roughly 60 words per minute—looking for online typing classes could be able to help you speed up.

Your hands and fingers should be positioned correctly on the keyboard without causing any pain, as opposed to employing the very slow “one finger at a time” technique.

Learning will be facilitated by memorizing where the letters and numbers are located on the keyboard.

What Equipment Is Necessary For Transcription Jobs? 

Okay, if you’re nearly to the point where you can apply for entry-level transcribing employment. Three additional items are all you need to start transcribing:

  • a laptop
  • reliable internet connectivity
  • Headphones
  • Word for Windows

Yes, that is all. You already have all of that, I’m certain.

To make your work as a transcriptionist simpler, consider investing in the following optional but highly advised time- and life-saving equipment: 

best transcription jobs


Consider this to be a mouse for your foot. You may use a foot pedal to control the audio playing while keeping your fingertips free for the most effective transcribing possible. 

Foot pedals may cost as little as $20 or as much as $300. The Infinity USB Digital Foot is a popular choice among transcriptionists and is reasonably priced. 

Express Scribe is a fantastic substitute since it is a widely used industry product for expert transcribers. You can use your keyboard or a foot pedal to control anything, and downloading and installing it on a Mac or PC is free.

For improved speed and effectiveness, it provides a user-friendly interface and a choice of hotkey settings. Both a free and a paid version of Express Scribe are offered. Foot pedals are supported, and many audio file types may be played by the free version.

In order to avoid getting a headache from switching back and forth on a software like Windows Media Player, this enables you to control music playing using keyboard shortcuts or your foot pedal. 

You may get this software for free online or through certain businesses.

The free software is used to combine audio files, convert between various audio formats, and extract audio from video files. 

Audio files may be trimmed with this free program.

If you have a team of transcribers and want to give them segments of hours-long audio recordings so they can quickly return the transcripts, this is a helpful tool.

The audio files may be divided up into several sections, like a few segments, or by time, like 15 minutes.

You can work more quickly if it can identify any long stretches of silence in your audio and clip them out.

Audacity is yet another free audio editing and recording application.

It has the ability to capture live audio, digitize records, and clean up audio recordings. It enables you to create a single audio file from many audio files that some of your customers provide you.

If you’ve ever attempted to download anything just to have the power go out, raise your hand.

The internet download manager may increase download speeds by up to five times and can repeat any incomplete downloads since dropped internet connections are the worst.

You will be prompted to download music, video, or document files from websites you visit by this little piece of software.

The internet download manager will therefore display when you browse the page with the attachment and urge you to download the file if a client sends you a large audio or video file.

How Much Can You Make Working as a Transcriptionist?

Do transcribers earn a living? Are they compensated well? Do people want them? Yes, again, and again. 

There are several beginner-friendly transcribing websites online, however not all of them provide the best paid entry-level transcription work. 

I step in to help with it. You won’t need to search the internet for hours for the top transcribing sites for beginners since I’ve narrowed down the list of businesses.

Contrary to common assumption, there are many chances for transcribing work and it may be a lucrative profession or side business.

You may earn at least $15 per hour as a novice. You may earn $25 or more, however, if you have some expertise.

You could easily make $1,500 if you put in 2.5 hours every day for a month. 

Please remember that your profits are based on the firm you work for, their rates, and the number of assignments you can accomplish.

You may make more money by transcribing more quickly.

Top Tip:

For bloggers, podcasters, YouTubers, and other content producers, the most recent (and highest paid) transcribing work is performed. Make a cold pitch while disregarding prudence. 

If you’re their go-to transcriptionist, you’ll be guaranteed a job each week since content producers often release fresh material once per week. 

How Can I Become a Transcriptionist? 

You’ll need to demonstrate your typing speed in order to get recruited on the finest transcribing sites available. Knowing how quickly and correctly you type will be the first thing you should do.

You may evaluate your typing speed and accuracy for free at 10fastfingers.com.

How Can I Increase My Pay As A Transcriptionist?

  • by becoming more skilled
  • By pursuing a career in a lucrative sector, such as law or medicine 

The finest thing you can ever do for yourself is to invest in your work or side business. 

Without experience, novices might get transcribing job with ease, but with training or certification, you can stand out from the crowd. 

Online courses may be a fast and simple method to get certified and earn more at entry-level transcribing jobs.

For novice or even experienced transcriptionists who want more training, the Transcribe Anywhere course is ideal.

I really like how this course teaches you the fundamentals, provides you with practical templates, and demonstrates how to locate higher-paying employment. 

To sample what the training would be like, take their FREE General Transcription Mini-course. 

  • working in niches with better pay 

Law is one of those specialties that pays more than others.

You may enroll in this Legal Transcription course if you wish to begin working as a legal transcriptionist.


We’ve compiled a thorough list of the top transcriptionist positions for you below.

Making countless sales calls or working in remote customer support are not for everyone. Therefore, if you’re seeking for a career that allows you the flexibility of working from home and earning money, offering transcribing services can be the right fit for you.

A transcribing job is fantastic since it allows you to earn money from things you’re probably already doing in your regular life. It’s likely that you already type and listen on a regular basis if you work at a desk or if you’re a secretary.

Instead, why not engage in online transcribing work? It is a terrific option to increase your current income or make transcribing your full-time job.

I hope this post helps you in some manner and directs you toward finding internet transcribing employment.

Lucky you!

9 Top Transcription Positions (For Beginners)

The “rev transcription jobs” is a job that involves transcribing audio files. The main reason why the rev transcription jobs are so popular is because they pay well in 2022!

  • best transcription companies for beginners
  • scribie
  • gotranscript
  • gmr transcription
  • casual transcription jobs
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