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How to make an extra £200 cash with 20Cogs in your spare time. 20Cogs is a site where you can complete offers like taking a survey or signing up for a free trial. There are 20 offers to complete and once all are complete you can cash out. The average payout is £200! Make money from home today with 20Cogs.

Do you want to make an additional £200 in your free time?

Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yeah, yes 🙋‍♀️

I just came upon a website called 20Cogs that pays you to perform basic activities such as signing up for a free trial or conducting a survey.

My 20Cogs review demonstrates how I can earn almost £150 in only a few hours of labor.

20Cogs is a simple and really pretty enjoyable (albeit I don’t go out much!) method to make money quickly by doing basic and actually quite enjoyable activities.

The average payout is little over £200, with the biggest payout coming in at £700.

There are 20 “Cogs” to do when you join up. Cog has a variety of offerings, ranging from free trials to surveys.

You must finish at least one offer on each Cog in order to win money.

You may pay out your profits after all of the Cogs have been finished and colored green.

I’m just four days in and I’ve already made £130!

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Plus, I’ve gotten my hands on some very great things…

From TV and magazine subscriptions to a Graze box and dishwashing tablets (see, I was delighted, ok?! ), there was something for everyone.

20 Cogs also has a fantastic refer-a-friend program, in which you get 5% of what your buddy earns PLUS an extra £20 when they cash out.

Refer five friends, and you’ll get an additional £100 when they pay out (and earn some more cash in the process!).

>> If you’re ready to get started, click on this 20Cogs link and you’ll get a £5 welcome bonus! <<



I promised I’d update my 20cogs review after I’d paid out and converted all of my 20 cogs green. So here we go…

I’m pleased to report that all of my Cogs have turned green, and I’ve been able to request a payout.

I was ecstatic!

On Monday, I pressed the pay out button, and it arrived in my bank account on Wednesday. It happened in a flash.


How much money did I make with 20Cogs?

So, in all, 20Cogs paid me £143.75.

I paid £25 and received the following:

  • Subscriptions to eight different television channels
  • A package of delicious goodies (which I devoured while binge-watching TV!)
  • Tablets for laundry
  • Tablets for the dishwasher
  • 2 online learning activities for kids (which my 4 year old actually used)
  • Access to over 1,000 publications with a magazine subscription
  • 4 different meal kits in a recipe kit box (which were delicious btw)

I also “won” £10 at Bingo, which I was able to deposit into my bank accounts.

Plus a £10 Amazon coupon, which I promptly used to one of my numerous Amazon purchases.

So, in conclusion:

Earnings of £143.75 for 20Cogs

-£25 less in costs

£10 in bingo wins

Add a £10 Amazon voucher

£138.75 in total profits!!

I’m really happy with that, as well as the “freebies” I received.

I could have easily made £200 if I hadn’t been unable to complete the betting sign up incentives offered by Coral, Ladbrokes, BetFred, and other bookmakers since I was already a client with them via my matched betting.

Is it worth it, in my opinion?


In a month, I earned almost £140 (plus all the aforementioned subscriptions and goods) just watching TV and completing these offers.

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My 20Cogs Experience

If you’re searching for a simple method to earn an additional £200, 20Cogs is the place to be!

Each offer will probably take you a couple of hours spread out over a week to finish.

But for a few hours of labor, that’s not a terrible sum of money.

I’m really pleased with the progress I’ve made so far!

I could have earned a lot more money, but I’d already joined up for the betting sites since I make money from matched betting.

So here’s my 20Cogs Review, which I like to believe is quite comprehensive!

What exactly is 20Cogs?

20Cogs is a way to earn money by completing Competitions, Offers, Gaming & Surveys (hence the COGS in 20Cogs 😉).

Signing up is totally free, and it’s a really simple method to earn money (the average pay out is £200!) in your leisure time.

There are a total of 20 Cogs to finish, and they look like this:


All of your cogs will be grey when you initially join. The cogs become amber, then green, as you finish the deals.

To get the offer, you must click on each Cog. If you don’t like that offer, click “Or give me a different offer” until you discover one you like and wish to complete:

20Cogs Review: How to get a new offer.

You may pick from a variety of offerings hidden behind each Cog.

Simply complete one or more offers on each Cog (the more you do, the more money you’ll receive!).

You may go on to the next cog once you’ve finished an offer. You may pay out and be rewarded after all 20 cogs have gone GREEN!

Some of the deals may require you to pay a modest fee for a product or service. However, you should never be out of money with 20Cogs since you constantly make more.

One of my offerings, for example, was to join a snack subscription program. A Graze box of snacks was delivered to my home for £1.99. 20Cogs gave me £4 in exchange.

So I was still £2 ahead, and I also grabbed some tasty munchies!

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20Cogs Offers as an Example

I wanted to give you a sense of the kind of offers I received as I progressed through the 20 cogs:

  • Subscription to a 30-day online magazine
  • Several other free TV streaming trials are available, like Amazon Prime and HayU.
  • Trial of the graze snack
  • Subscriptions for cat food
  • Subscriptions for dog food
  • Lottery and bingo games are two types of games that you may play.
  • Free trial of
  • Participate in a survey
  • Subscription to an online learning program for children
  • Subscription to a dishwasher tablet
  • Subscription to a laundry tablet
  • 20Cogs invites you to refer a friend.

The majority of the offerings are totally free to participate in.

There are some that need a little upfront payment, but you will always get enough money from 20Cogs to cover the expense AND earn a profit.

So I had to pay £1 for the lottery, but I received £10 back from 20Cogs, so I was £9 in profit!

How does the 20Cogs system work?

20Cogs essentially splits the commission it receives from the businesses who run the deals with you.

When 20Cogs receives payment from the advertiser, they will split it with you.

That’s why changing a cog from amber to green may take a long time.

A claim button will appear when you have 20 green cogs.

You’ll then have the option of requesting payment through BACS or PayPal.

Within a few working days, the funds will be available for you to spend – woohoo!

Is 20Cogs a genuine company?

So far, everything seems to be fantastic. Is 20Cogs, however, a genuine company?

So, before I began, I conducted some research to see whether 20Cogs was a fraud!

But the only way to know for sure was to join up for 20Cogs, write a thorough 20Cogs review, and try it out…

What’s more, do you know what?

It’s fantastic!

Of course, there are some drawbacks, but read on for my best suggestions on how to make 20Cogs as simple as possible for you.

But don’t take my word for it; check out the 5,000+ Trustpilot ratings that give it an overall grade of “Excellent.”

I’m presently making my way through each Cog and will update this page once I’ve finished and paid out.

What should I do if the color of my COG hasn’t changed?

Don’t worry, the 20Cogs customer support staff is fantastic!

I’ve experienced a few instances when an offer didn’t track correctly and a cog remained grey.

I filed a helpdesk request, and it was promptly and painlessly resolved.

They claim they’ll get back to you in 48 hours, but they usually respond in less than a day.

They were very helpful, and all I had to do was give them a few images, such as the welcome email, and they changed the color of the cog to amber or green.

Top 20Cogs Recommendations

20Cogs is a fantastic method to earn some serious income.

During my study for this 20Cog review, I learned a lot.

Here are my top recommendations for making your life as simple as possible when it comes to submitting offers…

Make sure to click this link to get a £5 welcome bonus to your 20Cogs account before you complete any deals!

Just by telling them a little about yourself (just three questions! ), you receive an EXTRA £5 on the first cog as soon as you join up.

By the time you get your first Cog, you’ve made a £10 profit.

Read the T&C’s of each 20Cogs offer carefully!

Each deal has its own set of terms and conditions.

To give yourself the greatest chance of turning all 20 cogs green and cashing out, read them carefully before accepting the offer.

For instance, it might state that you must remain enrolled for the whole 7-day free trial time. If you cancel too soon, you may lose out on the opportunity to complete the deal.

However, you do not want to forget and be charged a membership price!!

20Cogs Review: Make sure you read the Terms & Conditions.

Keep track of all your 20Cogs deals in a spreadsheet or tracker.

20 offers is a lot (which is fantastic since the more offers you have, the more money you will make!)

As a result, keeping note of each offer is a smart idea.

I made a basic spreadsheet for you, or you can simply jot everything down in a notebook.

My subheadings were as follows:

  • Number of cogs
  • Income
  • If there was a fee to join up (if there was one), I didn’t pay it.
  • Task/Offer
  • Date of registration
  • Date of cancellation (if subscription)
  • Is there a calendar reminder set for the cancellation?

If you don’t want to use a spreadsheet, 20Cogs has an excellent tracker under “Earnings”:


It displays the offer you accepted under each Cog, as well as its status and value.

Set a reminder in your calendar for subscription cancellations.

I had a lot of fun signing up for all of these new TV streaming services.

It’s great to have more TV choices while you’re in lockdown!

With any of these memberships, though, I would keep note of when you would be charged again.

Add both the sign-up and cancellation dates to your tracker (see above advice).

I then put a note in my calendar to remind me when I needed to cancel each of the subscriptions.

Unless, of course, you like the service (and there have been some blimen’ excellent ones! ), in which case, have fun!

I missed one because I didn’t realize I had signed up for a plan until it was too late, and I was charged £14!

I was RAGING with myself – so please, PLEASE read the T&C’s.

BUT, I did call that business to let them know I didn’t intend to sign up for a plan, and they promptly returned the money and sent it to me.

💰 I’ve teamed up with 20Cogs to offer a £5 Welcome Bonus.💰 >>Sign up through this link today!<<

For the offers you complete, create a new email account.

When I first began earning money with matched betting, I did the same thing.

To join up for each of the 20Cogs offers, I established a new email account (I recently acquired a new free Hotmail address).

That way, I’d be able to keep track of my offers without clogging up my main email inbox with spam.

I also made a point of not entering my phone number in case I received any unsolicited calls.


I was so enthralled by all of these fantastic opportunities that I went insane attempting to accomplish more than one on each cog.

If I could do it all over again, I’d start by doing only one offer per Cog and then go back and do more to supplement my profits.

This is due to the fact that some of the offers are repeated.

You don’t want to be stuck on a cog because the only offer you’re interested in completing has already been completed in a previous gear!

When you join up and get started, maybe this one will make more sense.

💰 I’ve teamed up with 20Cogs to offer a £5 Welcome Bonus.💰 >>Sign up through this link today!<<

The Final Word on 20Cogs

20Cogs is a fantastic way to earn an additional £200 in only a few hours.

Please send a request to the 20Cogs helpdesk if you have any problems with any of the deals.

Their customer service was outstanding, and they made the whole process easy.

The only disadvantage is being charged if you neglect to cancel a membership.

Follow my advice and schedule reminders to cancel any subscriptions you’ve signed up for.

Sign up for 20Cogs now and receive a £5 welcome bonus added to your earnings when you use this link!

This article includes affiliate links, which means I may get a fee if you decide to make a purchase, but there is no additional cost to you. I only only suggest things that I really believe in. Thank you very much for your help!

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