In the very near future, it’s highly unlikely that you will be able to use cash for payments – at least in the traditional sense. Whether we like it or not, the future is evolving rapidly – and it’s being driven by technology.

For those of us who live in the United States of America, the greatest benefit from the 2008 economic meltdown has been our return to a cash-based economy. Gone are the days of credit cards, debit cards, and the “electronic liquid” that is the American Express card. The cash economy has returned, and for those of us who aren’t cash savvy, it’s kind of scary.

In the last few years, I have had a few comments that said: “I didn’t know there was a Death of Cash Prosperity Kit.” I did my best to explain to them why there was a kit, but nobody really seemed to care. I’m going to write a blog about it today.

I’ll be discussing Andy Snyder is a writer who lives in New York’s Death of Cash Prosperity Kit today.

Andy claims that in 2021, a “frightening and turbulent catastrophe” will occur that will signal the beginning of the end for cash in America, and that his “Prosperity Kit” can assist.

I must confess that the presentation was very depressing.

But he makes some intriguing points, and I was curious about this “kit” and what he was offering, so I decided to check into it more.

Here’s a rundown of what I discovered:

  • Andy Snyder’s Death of Cash Prosperity Kit is a collection of five investment papers on how to live and flourish if cash is outlawed in the United States, which he claims may happen as soon as September 22, 2021.
  • Andy’s investment suggestions for gold, cryptocurrencies, cashless payments, investment income, and money storage are covered in the reports.
  • To receive Andy’s “Prosperity Kit,” you must pay $99 to join his Manward Letter advice service on the Manward Press website.
  • It’s not a rip-off, but there’s no assurance that Andy’s forecasts will come true, or that his advice would help you make money.

Continue reading for the rest of my thoughts…

The “Death of Cash” presentation by Andy Snyder

I first learned about The Death of Cash Prosperity Kit through Andy Snyder’s presentation on the Manward Press website.

The presentation, titled “The World’s Most Popular Asset Could Soon Be Banned In America,” explains why you should transfer your money before September 22, 2021.

Andy-Snyders-Death-of-Cash-Prosperity-Kit-Is-It-LegitSource: p/EVENTTO99MWLLTMTDMTDLTWAR/MMWLX812 on

Andy Snyder starts the lecture by discussing a “audacious new law” that has the potential to have a bigger effect on society than the Great Depression or the 2008 financial crisis.

A small but powerful committee, practically hand-picked by the incoming Biden administration, will set the foundation for an ambitious new legislation in just a few days…

It will have a greater financial and personal effect than the 2008 financial crisis or perhaps the Great Depression.

He believes this “frightening and explosive” catastrophe will occur by late 2021, and that it would ruin America’s economic heritage while giving “Big Government” even more power.

To say the least, his comments are foreboding.

Anyway, Andy claims he’s never seen anything like it, and that anybody who owns gold, bitcoin, stocks, or relies on investment income should pay heed to what he’s forecasting.

And he predicts the “death of cash” in the United States.

Andy believes that currency may soon be outlawed in the United States, which would result in “instant pandemonium,” and that you should be prepared.

Why does he believe currency will be outlawed?

Andy discusses the history of money in America, which dates back to the late 1700s, to illustrate his thesis. In brief, he discusses how America adopted the Continental in 1775, then utilized gold and silver coins for almost a century until switching to the (paper) dollar in 1875.

Andy goes on to say that when President Richard Nixon made it impossible to redeem the US dollar for gold in 1971, money production increased.

Because, as Andy points out, the government was now free to create as much money as they wanted without regard to how much gold they had.

It didn’t have to limit its spending, borrowing, and money-printing to the gold in the Treasury any more… It now had almost unrestricted credit and cash.

What money is, how it has developed through time, and where our monetary system is going are all interesting topics. And it’s a subject on which most people seem to spend very little, if any, thought. It’s a pity, since we’ve worked our whole lives for it.

In any case, after Andy reviewed the history of money in the United States, he began to discuss how he thinks actual currency would be banned in the near future.

Just as when the US government made everyone who refused to recognize the Continental currency a felon… or when FDR made gold ownership illegal in 1933 with Executive Order 6102… Central bankers, I think, are planning to abolish and outlaw the usage of actual currency.

So, to return to the original issue of why he believes currency will be outlawed…

There are a number of major reasons behind this, according to Andy Snyder.

The first, he claims, is about giving central bankers and governments greater power:

But I believe the true reason the Fed and all of the major banks want to abolish and outlaw cash is because it gives them absolute and full control over the money supply.

According to Andy, the second issue is imposing negative interest rates.

Negative interest rates, as Andy explains, imply that instead of receiving interest on money you save at the bank, the bank costs you money.

Negative real rates (interest rate minus inflation) already exist in the United States, and other nations have negative interest rates on normal bank deposits, but this is uncommon.

In any case, many individuals would withdraw their cash if this happened in the United States, as Andy points out, since they won’t be charged to keep it at the bank.

So, to cut a long story short, Andy argues why negative interest rates, if/when they occur, may be catastrophic for the financial system as a result of a bank run.

According to Andy, this is why cash will be prohibited. If you don’t have any cash, there’s no way around it; you’ll have to keep your money in the bank, even if the interest rate is negative.

What is Andy’s plan of action?

According to Andy Snyder, there are five things you can do to prevent the impending mayhem…

I’ve devised a simple five-step strategy that you can use right now. It will assist you in protecting your family while also allowing you to earn handsomely as this catastrophe occurs.

His five-step solution is as follows:

  2. Forget the Digital Dollar, Million-Dollar Bitcoin is Coming!
  3. Get a Piece of the Billions in Cashless Payments
  4. In a world where interest rates are zero, you may earn up to 24 percent each year.
  5. Make Your Own Financial Institution

Each “step” corresponds to a financial report. The “Death Of Cash Prosperity Kit” includes these reports as well as a subscription to Manward Letter.

We’ll go over this in greater depth in the following part.

What Is The Cash Prosperity Kit’s Demise?

The Death of Cash Prosperity Kit is basically a collection of five investing papers with a subscription to Andy Snyder’s Manward Letter financial advice.


The five reports that make up The Death of Cash Prosperity Kit are as follows:

  • Keeping What You Have in the Digital Age: Using New Technology to Keep What You Have
  • Everything You Need to Know About Crypto-Profits To Win With Digital Currencies
  • Taking Advantage of the Revolution in Cashless Payments
  • How to Get a Yield of Up to 24% Annually in a World of Zero Interest Rates
  • Create Your Own Bank: How to Get and Keep the Future’s Physical Money

It’s worth mentioning that Andy dubbed it the “Death of Cash Survival Kit” at one point. But, as far as I can tell, his “Survival Kit” and “Prosperity Kit” are almost identical, with different titles.

In any case, each of the above studies, according to Andy, is intended to assist you safeguard your family while simultaneously generating income in the event that cash is outlawed in America.

While the Manward Letter service is a monthly investment newsletter that provides you with Andy Snyder’s most recent investing insights and recommendations, you will receive new insights and ideas as well as access to the model portfolio and other resources to help you invest successfully each month.

Andy claims that the service’s primary goal is to “uncover the truth” about money and the economy that the mainstream media refuses to tell you about. It’s a “contrarian” publication, he says, with a “unique and battle-tested method to wealth creation.”

Manward Letter caters to conservative investors and those concerned in preserving and increasing their money, rather than offering to help you discover the next big tech startup like some of the services I’ve examined.

In any event, the Death of Cash Prosperity Kit costs $99, which includes the five special reports I mentioned before as well as a 12-month membership to Manward Letter.

What Is The Death of Cash Prosperity Kit and How Does It Work?

The fundamental concept is to go to the Manward Press website and subscribe to the Manward Letter through the “Death of Cash” presentation. There are many membership levels available, but the $99 option includes the “Prosperity Kit.”

After you’ve signed up, read each of the five reports that come with the kit to discover more about Andy’s investing suggestions. Then you may select which, if any, suggestions you wish to take advantage of.

Andy has linked each report with a “step” in what he terms the “Five Steps for Surviving the Death of Cash,” rather than simply sending you a bunch of random reports.

Here are the five stages and the reports that go with them:

  • Step 1: Purchase gold in the proper manner.
    • Keeping What You Have in the Digital Age: Using New Technology to Keep What You Have
  • Step 2: Ditch the Digital Dollar in Favor of Million-Dollar Bitcoin
    • Everything You Need to Know About Crypto-Profits To Win With Digital Currencies
  • Step 3: Get a Piece of the Billions in Cashless Payments
    • Taking Advantage of the Revolution in Cashless Payments
  • Step 4: Get a Yield of Up to 24% Annually in a World of Zero Interest Rates
    • How to Get a Yield of Up to 24% Annually in a World of Zero Interest Rates
  • Step 5: Establish Your Own Financial Institution
    • Create Your Own Bank: How to Get and Keep the Future’s Physical Money

The first stage entails investing in gold, but not in the traditional sense. Instead, Andy teaches you how to invest in gold in a manner that allows you to do digital transactions with it. He also discusses some of his best gold investing ideas.

The second stage entails making cryptocurrency investments.

He claims to show you “the trendiest cryptocurrencies,” which turns me off since the crypto sector is rife with frauds. But I believe in bitcoin’s worth, which is why I hold some.

Because it has a hard-capped quantity of 21 million coins, Bitcoin makes sense if you’re worried about currency depreciation. Furthermore, unlike gold, it is not controlled by any individual, group, or country. On the other hand, I do not believe that altcoins are beneficial.

Andy’s final step is to invest in a cashless payments business, which he believes will grow 100-fold over the next decade until currency is no longer used.

The fourth stage involves using a “private savings note,” which Andy refers to as a way to generate a 24 percent yearly return on your money outside of the banking system. And, although I’m not sure, I think Andy is talking to structured notes, which have a potential yield of up to 24 percent.

The fifth stage Andy discusses is establishing “your own bank” by withdrawing your funds from conventional banking and keeping them in “other assets.” Unfortunately, he doesn’t say what these “secure assets” are, but I’m guessing he’s referring about bitcoin.

He claims it’s because it’s not precious metals, but rather a valued private trade instrument that can be kept anywhere in the globe and transferred at a moment’s notice.

That’s how bitcoin works.

When you keep Bitcoin on a hardware wallet, you may “become your own bank” (cold storage). So, hypothetically, you could store your whole net worth in bitcoin on a hardware wallet. A 12-word phrase may be used as a backup for that wallet. So, if you misplace your gadget, you may replace it and recover your bitcoin using just 12 phrases.

That is, after all, the point of Andy Snyder’s Death Of Cash Prosperity Kit.

We’ll talk about who Andy Snyder is in the following part, and then I’ll provide my opinion on whether or not it’s worth joining to help you determine whether it’s good for you.

Andy Snyder: Who Is He?

1629697392_345_Andy-Snyders-Death-of-Cash-Prosperity-Kit-Is-It-LegitAndy Snyder

Andy Snyder is the creator of Manward Press, a financial publishing business, and the main editor of Manward Letter, the company’s flagship publication.

According to the Manward Press website, he “cut his teeth at a renowned financial business with over $100 billion in assets under management” before establishing the company in 2016.

It’s unclear what company he works for, but he seems to be most recognized for his work with Manward Press and his skepticism of money and the economy.

He is described as an author, investor, and entrepreneur with “unfiltered, unorthodox ideas” on money and liberty in his profile on the Manward Press website.

His ideas have also been highlighted on Fox News, according to the website, and he has been assisting investors in protecting and growing their money since 2006.

According to his website, he helped customers earn money betting on a “little-known” Google rival in 2006, suggested health-care equities before Obamacare, and has helped subscribers achieve triple-digit returns in the last year alone.

Overall, Andy seems to be a very educated investor.


Andy Snyder’s Death of Cash Prosperity Kit is a collection of five investment papers centered on preparing for the abolition of cash in the United States. These reports also include a $99 membership to Manward Letter, his monthly service.

Andy claims that this “cash banning event” may start as early as September 22, 2021, the “day of the Fed’s important September meeting,” according to Andy.

After doing some research, it seems that he’s referring to the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) meeting later this year. So, based on what he’s saying, I think that’s a date to keep an eye on.

In any case, Andy predicts that cash will be banned in the United States shortly, and that The Death of Cash Prosperity Kit will help you “avoid the agony that lies ahead.”

Is it true?

The Death of Cash Prosperity Kit is not a rip-off.

Andy Snyder is a seasoned investor with a track record of success. And his “Prosperity Kit” is a collection of unique publications in which he offers his investing tips and advice. You may or may not agree with his points of view, but that does not make it a con.

As previously stated, the “kit” also includes a subscription to Andy’s Manward Letter service, which is a genuine service sponsored by Manward Press, a reputable financial publishing house.

It also comes with a money-back guarantee of 365 days. So you can join up for a year, read his reports, and test out the service, and if you’re not satisfied, you can get a complete refund.

So it’s true. However, this does not ensure that all of his forecasts will be correct or that his suggestions will help you earn money.

Any investment, whether it’s gold, bitcoin, or equities, has risk. As a result, it’s critical to do your own research and evaluate the dangers. Regardless of how “safe” an investment seems to be.

I also believe that his “crypto” suggestions should be approached with caution.

As I have said, I am a huge supporter of bitcoin. But I’m not a fan of altcoins, which he seems to suggest in one of his papers. I’m wary about cryptocurrencies since many of them are frauds, and considering how volatile they can be, it’s simple to lose money.

In any case, Andy discusses the advantages of bitcoin as well as other assets such as gold and equities. As a result, you don’t need to invest in cryptocurrencies to profit from his advice.

In any case, I hope you found this useful, and do leave a comment below if you have any comments about The Death of Cash Prosperity Kit or his Manward Letter service.

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