This blog post will talk about the simple and free tools that you can use to get paid for being an online friend.   We will talk about the current market trends, what you need to do to get started, and how to make money from being an online friend.   This blog post will help you know how to get paid to be an online friend, and also will help you to know the amount that you will get paid in a month for being an online friend.

In the digital age, we’ve all been told that the most effective way to promote our brands is to use social media. This is easy to digest, but what does it really mean? It basically means creating a brand that people care about, and that people will like and want to share with their friends. You can do this by being fun, friendly, and interesting – and this is the best way to monetize your brand online.

So you’ve decided to build your online business and want to earn some extra cash. Well, you’re already on the right track! But let’s get real. It’s hard to become an expert in a short period of time, and even though you can setup your web business in just a few minutes, you need to know all of the effective ways to promote it.

Earn Money By Being An Online Friend

We’ve all been taught not to speak to strangers, but did you know that you can be paid to be an internet buddy these days?

What’s going on here?

When I initially heard this, I was skeptical and assumed it was some kind of shady ruse.

But after doing some research and speaking with a few individuals, I found that being paid to be an online buddy is absolutely feasible. 

We may as well create something out of our phones given that we’re all hooked to them. Earning money as an online buddy is a fantastic way to start a side business while also saving money. 

Don’t worry, this job does not include any illegal activities.

There’s always a better way to do things, and this post will show you how to be paid to be an online buddy, where to find customers, how much you can make, and the best safety precautions!

Table of Contents for this article:

  • In 2021, the Best Apps And Websites To Earn Money By Being An Online Friend
  1. Hire a Friend
  2. A Local Friend may be rented for a little fee.
  3. Hire a Virtual Friend
  4. Fiverr
  5. FriendPC
  • What Are The Steps To Becoming An Online Friend?
  • What Can You Expect To Earn As An Online Friend?
  • What Is Expected Of You When You Make Virtual Friends?
  • As an online friend, what services do you provide?
  • Get Paid To Be An Online Friend- Tips On How To Stay Safe
  • As an online friend, here are some tips on how to make more money.
  • Get Paid To Be An Online Friend – Frequently Asked Questions


Money in a hurry!

Did you know that Survey Junkie allows you to earn money by completing surveys? 

You may earn anywhere from $3 to $7 each survey, and it’s completely free to participate! 

Signing up with Survey Junkie takes less than a minute, and you can start earning money online right now!

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In 2021, the Best Apps And Websites To Get Paid To Be An Online Friend 

1. Find a Friend to Rent

get paid to be an online friend RentAFriend pays you to be a virtual friend.

Rent a Friend is regarded as the finest since it has the biggest user database. It has more than 600,000 individuals searching for a buddy for the day, focusing only on platonic connections. They are mostly focused on in-person meetings, but you may also restrict yourself to being a virtual buddy exclusively.

How does the pay stack up?

You may set your hourly fee anywhere between USD15 and USD50. 


  • They don’t charge you a commission, so you get to keep all of your profits.
  • A reliable platform where you may start making money as an online buddy.
  • RentAFriend is not a dating site, and you are under no need to text flirt or talk if you don’t want to.
  • Only paid members of the website may contact you.
  • You have complete control over your working hours.


  • You won’t be able to conduct background checks on other users. 
  • If you are meeting someone in person, the business is not responsible for any security concerns. 

2. Hire a Friend from the Area

get paid to be an online friend RentaLocalFriend – be paid to be an online friend with RentaLocalFriend.

Tripadvisor recommends Rent a Local Friend, which is a website that promotes a city’s locals. 

People that go to your city would be potential customers. So, if you reside in London and want to make money as an online friend in the UK, this platform is for you!

 The idea is similar to Airbnb’s tour package, however you have greater control over your page on the platform with this site. 

This website also enables you to earn money by:

  •  Someone from the same city can text chat with you. 
  • Give courses via the internet 
  • Chatting online allows you to share your culture and local experience.
  • Be a remote concierge, providing tips and traps to help visitors get the most out of their local travel experience!

You may also register as a travel agency if your city is a famous tourist destination.

What is the maximum amount you can be paid?

There are a lot of users on this site, and they charge anything from $50 to $200 each hour. Some individuals were able to earn as much as USD120 each day!


  • Due to the yearly price, you will have less competitors.
  • Rent a Friend has fewer fraudsters. 
  • A fantastic opportunity to earn some extra cash while promoting your community!


  • An yearly charge of USD100 is required to get things started, so take use of the features to their maximum extent!
  • If your city or town is not well-known or visited by visitors, you will not attract many customers.

3. Hire a Cyber Pal

get paid to be an online friend app RentaCyberFriend is an app that pays you to be an online buddy.

Rent a Cyber Buddy is a website that provides an all-encompassing virtual friend service. This website’s idea is comparable to having pen pals. 

Other services, besides companionship, are advertised in the form of gigs, such as language tutoring or tour guide services.

On their activities page, you’ll discover a list of the most popular activities that individuals want to learn from their virtual pals, such as:

  • Craftsmanship
  • Literature and Books
  • Baking and cooking 
  • Social interaction and etiquette
  • Fitness 
  • Gaming 

And there are many more! As a result, this is an excellent opportunity for anybody with talents, interests, and a desire to earn money while simultaneously serving as a virtual buddy in their free time!

You also don’t have to be a qualified professional in any field; on this platform, individuals are searching for mentors, or people with life experience.

This individual, for example, is willing to listen to you and give you loving mother or sister counsel. So, if you think about it, even your adoring grandmother might serve as a virtual companion.

What is the maximum amount you can be paid?

You may set your hourly fee anywhere between USD15 and USD50. Once your balance reaches USD75, you may withdraw your funds.


  • The Basic Membership is completely free (but you can sign up for their Gold, Silver or Bronze Membership after, if you want).
  • You may look at other users without having to register.
  • This website is entirely virtual, making it ideal for individuals who do not want to meet in person.


  • You cannot post a gig if you are an unregistered visitor. Only gigabytes may be purchased.

4. Fiverr

get paid to be an online friend uk Friendship on Fiverr – be paid to be an online buddy.

Fiverr is a huge marketplace for freelancers that provide a variety of services, including web design, writing, digital marketing, and so on. 

Nonetheless, most people are unaware that you may be paid to be an online buddy via this service. It’s referred as as Fiverr friendship. Just like the other websites mentioned in this post, all you have to do is join up and establish a profile.

Packages are up to you in terms of what you want to provide and how much you want to charge; for example, you might offer video game playing sessions, like this Fiverr did:

get paid to be an online friend app Online Friend Gaming Services on Fiverr

What is the maximum amount you can be paid?

According to a short study of Fiverr, individuals charge lesser costs than the typical rates on other websites – between USD5 and USD25. However, this does not exclude you from charging extra.


  • It includes verified payment methods, allowing you to get paid in your own currency.
  • It’s very simple to browse and set your costs.
  • You may tailor your services to various budgets and build attractive bundles.


  • Users will be charged a modest fee by Fiverr.
  • To compete with other Fiverrs, you may need to price less; but, if customers trust you and write positive reviews, you may start charging more!

FriendPC No. 5

get paid to be an online friend Get paid to be an online buddy with FriendPC.

Buddy PC is a service where you may earn money by becoming an online friend and doing activities. You may play games with your pals or even coach someone online to help them improve their social skills. 

One of the greatest things about this business is that it promises to pay each user once they complete the work they were hired to do, so you won’t have to wait until the end of the month or until a particular day to be paid!

Please note that this website promotes the use of virtual girlfriends. If that seems like something you’d be interested in, check out my post on how to be paid to text flirt, where you can discover how to get money by talking to lonely guys in your spare time.

What is the maximum amount you can be paid?

Typically, you will get paid between USD5 and USD30. You may, however, charge extra if you want.


  • You are compensated right away after completing your friend’s assignments.
  • You have complete control over your schedule and pricing. 
  • Creating a profile and earning money is completely free.
  • Clients who misbehave may be blocked and reported.
  • ANTI-SCAM: Only customers who have paid FriendPC for your virtual friend services will contact you.


What Are The Steps To Becoming An Online Friend?

get paid to be an online friend What Are The Steps To Becoming An Online Friend?

You must first register with the website of your choosing in order to get paid to be an online buddy. Give a brief description of yourself and a glimpse of your personality in your profile.

When creating your profile, be sincere and honest, since sincerity invites potential.

  • Anything that helps you stand out from the crowd should be included.

Do you have a multilingual skill set? Do you know how to play the didgeridoo? A tarot card reading, perhaps? Don’t undervalue yourself! To distinguish yourself distinct from your competition, include all of your skills or special qualities.

  • Fill up your financial information.

It’s very simple to receive money once the service is provided. You may either open up a PayPal account or give your bank account information so that the money is sent to you electronically. In any case, you’ll get paid right away after the work is completed.

  • Take the personality test and pass.

The only aim of these tests is to assist you in connecting with the appropriate individuals. You’ll ace this if you just be yourself and honest about who you are.

  • Wait for one of your prospective buddies to come up to you.

What’s next now that you’ve completed and approved your profile?

At this point, anybody looking for friends may view your profile. They’ll be able to look for people based on demographics like age, gender, and geography, as well as the unique talents you’ve enlisted.

The person who is interested will send you a message, and you can choose to reject or accept their offer to get paid to be a buddy online.

You may start a discussion using any of these platforms once you’ve accepted someone’s request:

  • Message sent through text
  • Make a call
  • Skype video conferencing
  • In a chat room, talk about anything you like.

What Can You Expect To Earn As An Online Friend?

get paid to be an online friend app

Depending on the site you select, some may charge a fixed fee each customer, while others will allow you to choose your own cost.

If you select the latter, these sites will usually take a percentage of your profits as a commission.

According to, here’s an estimate of your prospective profits based on the typical hourly rate: 

If you labor for 8 hours each day, three days per week, and charge USD20 per hour, you will have:

USD480 per week

USD1920 per month

USD23,040 per year

If you work for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, and charge USD20 per hour, the following is your hourly rate:

USD800 per week

USD3200 per month

USD57,600 per year

I’m not sure about you, but this seems like enough money to pay your bills and finance your vacation!


Note: If you like talking and speak English, you may be able to earn money as an online instructor!

I began my career as an online instructor with no prior teaching expertise, and the online schools just wanted someone to practice English talking with their pupils. There are no lesson plans or grammatical fixes required! 

The greatest method to learn a language is to put it into practice by conversing with others! 

If you’re interested, you can take a short 120-hour online teaching course (which I did! ), and then work as an online instructor who gets paid to talk in English!

Following completion of the course, you may be employed by one of the following online schools: 


What Is Expected Of You When You Make Virtual Friends?

get paid to be an online friend app What Is Expected Of You When You Make Virtual Friends?

You must register and establish a profile with businesses or websites that provide this service, just like any other membership site.

You will be tested after that, but not on general knowledge or anything. These businesses are just interested in speaking with you to determine whether your personality is a good fit for this position.

Because this is going to be your company, you’ll need to come up with a unique selling proposition. As a result, creating your profile is crucial since it is the first thing your prospective customers will see.

 If you have a special gift or skill, make a note of it in your profile. It would be advantageous if you were fluent in a foreign language or skilled in a variety of areas.

This virtual friendship should be platonic, meaning there should be no amorous or unlawful aspects. After the paid friendship term has finished, however, it is entirely up to both parties to define their relationship.

While it’s true that making money is your primary objective, becoming a virtual buddy may also provide you with fresh information and experiences. You’ll encounter individuals of all races and cultures from all around the globe.

As an online friend, what services do you provide?

get paid to be an online friend uk As an online friend, what services do you provide?

If you’re still unsure about what you might give as a virtual buddy, here are some suggestions to help you get a better sense of what you could do: 

  • Having a conversation about the person’s difficulties at work or at school 
  • Playing video games with them is a great way to spend time together. 
  • Analyzing and watching a Netflix film
  • Pay attention to their sorrow or emotional issues.
  • Teach them to sing, paint, cook, and flirt with ladies and guys, among other things. 
  • Share a common interest, such as gardening.
  • Be a workout partner.
  • Learn English or another language that you can pass on to others.

However, regardless of the kind of service you provide, you should be aware that this job is not for everyone.

If you wish to be an online buddy, you should consider if you are capable of:

  • Listen to others without interrupting them on a regular basis. 
  • Empathy is important.
  • Meeting new people is something I like doing.
  • Interested in learning about other cultures or life experiences?
  • I’m good at coming up with new things to discuss. 

Are you also excellent at establishing boundaries? 

This is critical since customers may wish to take things farther or get confused, resulting in a desire to move beyond a virtual or platonic relationship. 

If this happens, you should be allowed to speak out and do just what you feel comfortable doing.

Get Paid To Be An Online Friend– Tips On How To Stay Safe 

get paid to be an online friend uk Get Paid To Be An Online Friend- Tips On How To Stay Safe

There’s no denying that the internet can be a frightening place at times, so here’s a list of precautions to take:

  • Personal information such as your home or work address, social security number/identity card number, and phone number should be kept private.
  • If the site demands payment up advance, go immediately. 
  • Look for sites that have a lock symbol at the start of the URL address, particularly those that accept payments.
  • If you’re not up for it, don’t commit to a face-to-face meeting.
  • Have faith in your gut.
  • Feel free to terminate the friendship at any time if you are uncomfortable.
  • Before you begin, read the internet reviews of other people.

As an online friend, here are some tips on how to make more money.

get paid to be an online friend app As an online friend, here are some tips on how to make more money.

Are you willing to get compensated for becoming an online friend? Great! However, as a virtual buddy, how can you attract repeat customers? And, more importantly, how can you make more money? Here are some pointers on how to be a successful virtual buddy!

Tips on how to make more money as a book out virtual friend:

  • Get as much experience as possible: join up for various websites, speak to individuals of all ages and ethnicities; this will teach you how to communicate more effectively and listen more attentively.
  • People want to speak about various subjects and learn about things they didn’t know existed, so having multiple interests or reading different things can make you seem more fascinating. 
  • Even though this is a profession, people will notice if you are just focused in the money; instead, demonstrate empathy, learn about their culture, and be a real listener.
  • Learn some jokes, have some fun, dance with them on the internet, or find out what makes them laugh and relax. Every buddy who makes you laugh is priceless; if you do this, you will be well-liked and have people lining up to speak with you.
  • Diversify your customer base by trying out as many legitimate platforms as possible. This will not only help you figure out which platform is ideal for you, but it will also help you get new clients. 
  • Don’t be lazy while making your profile; instead of just writing “I like music,” explain what kind of music you like, if you have a favorite song, or if you’re listening to French music to learn French!
  • Set aside things you don’t like to do and ask your customer what they want. It’s always a good idea to ask your customer if there’s anything they’d want to do; they may be bashful, so this is a chance to demonstrate real interest.

Get Paid To Be An Online Friend – Frequently Asked Questions

get paid to be an online friend uk FAQs about being paid to be an online friend


What Does It Mean To Have A Virtual Friend?

Someone you meet over the internet and become friends with. You’ll never meet them in person, and all of your interactions will take place online. 

We all have virtual pals, and I’m sure you have a lot of Facebook friends you’ve never met in real life. They are sometimes referred to as “virtual buddies.” 

In this instance, though, you’ll get paid to be someone’s buddy and engage with them in the same way that you would with a long-distance best friend.

You may discuss anything from movies, literature, and pets to the weather, politics, and global warming – anything that comes to mind. 

As humans, we value being able to connect with others on a personal level. It’s now possible to accomplish it remotely, thanks to the internet!

How Much Money Can A Virtual Friend Make?

Online buddies typically charge between USD20 and USD30 per hour, but it may go up to USD50, according to different friend-renting sites. The more you put in, the more money you’ll make.

You should be able to make between USD2,000 and USD3,000 per month if you work an average of 20 hours each week. Who wouldn’t want to get compensated for being a friend with a salary like this?

You shouldn’t charge too much when you first start, just like any other company. Get some experience first, and then as your experience increases, you may raise your rate. 

Working as an online buddy also gives you the freedom to be your own boss. Consider the expenses of lunch or transportation that you may save by working from the comfort of your own home. 

Once you’ve established a solid network of friends, you’ll almost certainly be suggested to newbies as well!

What Are Some Places Where I Can Get Paid To Be A Virtual Friend?

In 2021, these are the top apps and websites for being paid to be an online friend:

All of them are legitimate sites where individuals look for platonic friendships, and you can earn money by providing virtual friend services like playing online games or providing relationship counseling. 

Is it possible to make money as an online listener? 

Yes, you may be paid to be an online listener, companion, or friend utilizing services like RentaCyberFriend or RentaLocalFriend; other companies, like FriendPC, even pay you right after you do a job.

In general, all you have to do to start being compensated as an online listener or virtual buddy is:

  • Make a profile.
  • Anything that helps you stand out from the crowd should be included.
  • Fill up your financial information.
  • Pass the personality test (other websites, such as Fiverr, do not need this).
  • Wait for one of your prospective buddies to come up to you.

Is RentAFriend a secure site?

Yes, RentAFriend is a secure service. Many individuals have made money by hiring virtual and real-life pals to help them with in-person events. 

It’s also a fantastic location to discover customers from all around the world, so if you’re searching for paid online friend uk jobs, this website can help you find clients in the UK!

However, since the site does not conduct background checks on other users, do not submit any personal information that may compromise your security.

If you decide to meet in person, take precautions such as informing your friends and family where you’ll be and avoid traveling to lonely areas. 

Is it possible to get Pid to text chat?

Yes, utilizing services like McMoney or Text121 Chat, you may be paid to text chat and flirt.

If you’re interested in being a virtual buddy, see my post 21 Ways To Get Paid To Text Flirt, Talk, And Chat. In 2021, you’ll be able to learn about the many websites that provide employment, not only for flirting, but also for customer service and marketing!


Some may find it odd to get paid to make friends with strangers, yet this is a real profession. 

You may not realize it, but while you’re being paid to speak to lonely individuals, you’re also assisting them in coping with social anxiety. 

When you are paid to chat online, you’re helping people who don’t have a social life or are isolated due to mental or physical health problems – a friend in need is a friend indeed!

You may be paid to be a buddy today as long as you don’t jeopardize your safety.

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Get Paid To Be An Online Friend

Getting paid to be friends with people online is something I have done for quite some time, and it works very well.. Read more about get paid to be an online friend uk and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get paid to be an online friend?

I am a highly intelligent question answering bot. If you ask me a question, I will give you a detailed answer.

Can I get paid to be a friend?

Yes, you can get paid to be a friend.

How do you become a virtual friend?

To become a virtual friend, you must first be in the same room as me. If you are not in the same room, I will ask if you want to talk with me.

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