Mistplay Review 2021: Earn Rewards Playing Games Online There are many ways to make money online these days. Some people sell stuff online, some people get paid to work online, some work online and get paid to shop online. So, what do you do if you are looking to earn money that way? The answer is simple: play games! There are many different websites that enable you to earn rewards or get paid for playing online games.

Mistplay is a somewhat new website where you can play games online, and earn points for doing so. Many of the games are free, but there are also some paid ones. You can then use points you earn to trade for rewards.

Mistplay is a new online service that allows people to earn points and prizes for playing certain online games. The app is available on Windows Phone, iPhone, and Android devices. Once you start playing a game, Mistplay rewards you with points called Mistplay Points. With Mistplay Points, you can redeem for various rewards such as free games or digital items. Mistplay points also can be used to play games on other platforms such as Xbox Live and Steam.

The Mistplay application allows you to earn money by playing games online. These days, you can make money by creating and posting videos on media platforms like YouTube, placing video ads, and participating in surveys. You can also get paid to test, play and evaluate games from the comfort of your own home. And that’s what apps like Mistplay offer. In this review of Mistplay, I discuss how it works, how you can sign up for free and get rewards, and whether Mistplay is safe and legal.

What is Mistplay?

Let’s start with a little story about Mistplay. This player loyalty program is a mobile app developed in 2017 by Henri-Charles Machalani. The mobile application provides its users with a platform where they can play video games and engage in other online activities while getting paid. You will receive rewards in the form of points and can exchange these points for prizes. These prices include :

  • Visa cards
  • Steam credit
  • Some other

There is a table with other players and a list of games. Users choose the game they want to play and can potentially make money from it. You can also consult the offers. You can also earn rewards by completing tasks such as downloading, testing and playing new games. It is important to note that this platform is free, although it is only available to Android users through the Google Play Store. GET A MISHAP

How does Mistplay work?

Mistplay is an application for players who want to play with something more. In the list of few legitimate gambling apps, this gambling app can be a platform for you if you are looking for a side job that can earn you money easily. Remember, you won’t make much money. It is perhaps important to note that Mistplay is not a game in itself. It is an application that offers new games that players can try and also allows them to earn money by trying these games. So why do apps pay for games? Making a game that will take the world by storm is very difficult, especially since there are so many games coming out now, so there is a lot of competition. This application is a solution for game developers who have this problem. By means of a points system and a reward platform, Mistplay enables game developers to introduce or present their games to a wider audience. This is not only important for game developers, but also for users. It’s because they both make money. It’s actually a win-win situation. Mistplay works basically as follows: Game developers pay Mistplay in exchange for storage space to host their games, and Mistplay users are rewarded with gift cards to try out these new games. If this application suits you, try it now!

How can I register and use Mistplay?

So, if you have decided that this is the app you want to use to make money playing games, then you can get started. Here’s how. Step 1: Download and install the application At this point, it is important to note that this app is only available to Android users through the Google Play Store. You can download Mistplay here. Step 2: Changing phone settings You need to change some settings on your phone for Mistplay to work or function properly.

  • Make Mistplay appear on top of other applications
  • Make sure your phone’s power saving mode is turned off.

Make sure you follow this step or you won’t earn points and you won’t be able to redeem them for rewards. Step 3: Open the application and create an account After you have configured the phone settings, open the application you recently installed and create an account. You can create an account using your Gmail or Facebook account. You will then see a list of games available on Mistplay. These games may vary depending on the country you are from or where you are located. That’s it! You’re already on your way to earning rewards. Start earning and using.   word-image-17160 word-image-17161 Related to: How to get free Google Play credit.

What are units, PXP and GXP?

Before you start collecting rewards, here are 3 terms you need to know. These terms are units, PXPS and GXPS. In what follows, I will discuss each of them in as much detail as possible. Units That’s a term to remember. Basically, units are what you earn when you play games, leave scores or complete levels. The number of available units is displayed for you to check. The more points you get, the closer you are to redeeming those points for gift certificates or other prizes from Mistplay. Trade in your units for real prizes. Player Experience Points (PXP) The PXP represents the entire gaming experience you get in Mistplay. This also applies to your current water level. PXPs have nothing to do with the game you are playing, but indicate your level in Mistplay. You can see it in the top left corner of your account’s control panel. Each time you reach a new level, you get more PXP. These PXPs will help you get more units. Each level gives bonus points and privileges. In a nutshell: PXPs represent your entire experience in the game. Player Experience Points (GXP) The more time you spend playing a particular game, the more GXP you earn. Player experience points represent the time a player or user has spent in the game. It rewards you every time you play for a longer period of time. If you actively participate in a particular game for a longer period of time, you will receive more points. Higher GXPs increase the number of units you earn during the game. All the above terms (units, GXP, PXP) are related, and you need them to use and get the prices. Related to: How to make money fast with PayPal.

How can you earn bonuses at Mistplay?

That’s it. Now that you know the 3 pretty important terms you need to know, you can finally start earning rewards on Mistplay and win prizes soon. The first thing you need to do is choose the game you want to play. Mistplay offers several categories for you to choose from. Here they are:

  • Simulation
  • Strategy
  • Bingo
  • The word
  • War
  • Board games
  • Other games

There will probably be more to come, as they add new games fairly often. Once you have chosen the game you want to play, start playing it. It is important to note that 1,500 Mistplay points or units are equivalent to a $5 gift card. The number of units you can earn per game can be up to 20 points, with a minimum playing time of 2 to 5 minutes. You will be notified when you have reached the minimum time for the game. If you want to switch games, you can do so, but if you stay in the game and keep playing the same game, you will earn more PXP and GXP points. Controlling the game also increases your total number of units. Note that some game developers award more points or pay more points to users or players. In other games, the level may be easier. At 200 points you will receive an amount of $0.66. You may have to leave comments on the game, and there are several requirements to earn points. Once you complete a game or reach a certain goal, the application will notify you of your success. When you earn enough units, you can exchange them for various rewards. Start collecting points now!

How to win as many units as possible?

Here are some mistplay hacks you should know about to earn units:

  • Longer playing time
  • Try to move up as quickly as possible
  • Try to do a seven day series, and you get bonuses per unit. The longer the track, the higher the weekly bonus.
  • Unlock symbols to earn extra units
  • Prefer games with high payouts to earn units faster.
  • Try to participate in the contests and win up to 10,000 units.

Related to: The best mobile apps to make money.

How do I trade in Mistplay units ?

Once you have accumulated enough Mistplay units or points or have reached the minimum requirement, you can redeem prizes for Mistplay units. The points collected can be redeemed for in-app credits or gift cards from various stores and online retailers. 1,500 units equals $5 on your Visa card. 3,000 units equals $10 Steam credit. Here are some examples of gift certificates you can redeem your units for.

  • Google Play
  • GameStop
  • PlayStation
  • Xbox
  • Amazon
  • Facebook

The sad fact is that you can’t trade Mistplay units for money. These are the options available to you:

  • Visa cards
  • Ready for steam
  • V-Bucks from Fortnite

Of course you can also exchange gift vouchers. The final steps after selecting the prize you want to receive and redeem, select the desired currency and email address at checkout. Make sure you select the correct one, as you will not be able to cancel or change your transaction. You will receive your gift certificate within 48 hours after placing your order. Check your email to see if you received a gift certificate. GET MISTPLAY FOR FREE

How much money can I earn with Mistplay?

There is no set amount you can win at Mistplay, however, you can’t get real money. You can choose between gift cards or Visa cards, as well as Steam credit. The following factors affect your earning potential and therefore the number of rewards you can use: 1. How much time did you spend playing games As you know, the more time you spend playing the game, the more GXP points you earn. With these GXP points you can earn more units and redeem gift cards. 2. Levels for which you have passed You get PXP points based on your experience in Mistplay, which is basically your level. The more levels you complete and the faster and higher you climb in a given game, the more PXP points you earn. There are other tricks you can use, and I’ve described them above.

Where can I buy Mistplay?

As I mentioned earlier, Mistplay is only available for Andriod devices on the Google Play Store. You can download and install it here. After installing the application, follow the steps above to register.

Are there any restrictions on Mistplay?

To avoid wasting time setting up and registering for a program and then finding out that you don’t qualify for the program, you need to know a few things. You must live in a country where Mistplay is supported. These countries include:

  • United States
  • Canada
  • A number of European countries
  • Singapore

In addition, you must be 13 years of age or older to use the application. This application is suitable for teenagers. Finally, you must have an Android device. Using an Android emulator to access this app if you have an iOS device will not work.

Pros Mistplay

You can earn gift cards by playinggames. Read the section on trading and earning points in this article. Basically, it costs 1,500 units to redeem the card for $5 in Visa, and 3,000 units to redeem the card for $10 in Steam credits. There are other cards too. It depends on what you can find. Gift certificates range in price from $0.50 to $50.00. The more units you have, the higher the amount. You get paid to do something nice and easy People describe this way of making money by saying that it is a side income that allows you to make money easily. That’s right. You get paid to play games, which most of us enjoy, and you can play those games from the comfort of your own home. Teenagers can also earn money It is one of the few applications that does not restrict use by teenagers. You must be at least 13 years old to use the application. You do not need to provide your credit card details You do not need to provide payment information. You only need to provide an email address to redeem the gift certificate. All you need is a Google or Facebook account to sign in.

Approved bitch

You do not earn much money per hour Some people only make $1 per hour they play on Mistplay. It’s probably better than nothing, but don’t expect to spend a lot of money with this app. You can use the application only if you are an Androiduser. This application is not available for iPhone users. Using an Android emulator to access this app if you have an iOS device will not work. Fog exposure depends on where you live and your age Persons under the age of 13 and persons not resident in certain countries do not have access to this application. EARN MONEY BY PLAYING MISTPLAY

Yes. Mistplay is legal and safe. You can earn points through the app and redeem them for various rewards and gift cards, including gift cards to Amazon, Google Play Store, Xbox, and iTunes. Intermittent failures may occur. However, care must be taken not to overload information, to exercise caution and to be aware of the risks. Related to: Swagbucks rankings: Make money in your spare time.

Mistplay FAQ Section

How does Mistplay make money? Mistplay is paid for by game developers who want to bring their games to a wider audience. They and the users make money from the game developers who use the application. How long does it take to make money with Mistplay? Don’t expect to make a lot of money with Mistplay. Some people make as little as a dollar an hour playing the game. Try to act strategically and use the hacks I showed you above to collect as many units or points as possible. Is it possible to get rich with Mistplay? You don’t make any real money with Mistplay, so don’t think of it as a full-time job. Don’t expect to get rich from Mistplay. It takes time before you can earn money or use rewards.

Fog set

FREE   word-image-17162 word-image-17163


  • Multiple repayment options
  • Free application
  • Simple and fun.


  • They don’t pay much.
  • Not available for iOS
  • Not available worldwide

Mistplay is an online rewards program that pays you to play all sorts of games online. Participating in Mistplay is super simple: just sign up, login, and start playing. While we don’t disclose our revenue, we do reward our players with cash, points, or chips, which can be redeemed for cash. (You can see the full list of rewards on our rewards page.). Read more about mistplay how long does it take and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Mistplay give you real money?

Mistplay is a free online platform for making money playing games. This article is a review of how the Mistplay platform works, and whether it’s a scam or a genuine way to make money online. If you’re a gamer in the US, you probably already know Mistplay is a mobile-based rewards platform that allows you to earn real money playing games like Candy Crush Saga and Clash of Clans. In contrast to other rewards platforms, where users are redeeming points for gift cards or gift cards for other games, Mistplay’s users are redeeming points for real money.

What rewards can you get from Mistplay?

Mistplay is a new American gaming platform that provides a variety of games for all ages. Players can earn rewards playing games in the fd12.club network, and they can make sure they always have the latest games on their accounts. Mistplay has an excellent referral program, which helps players attract new followers. Mistplay is an online game, a virtual platform where you can make money through playing games. You do not have to be a professional gamer, you just need to be motivated and active. You can earn rewards through playing games and completing tasks.

What is the fastest way to get points in Mistplay?

It’s been just over a year since Mistplay started issuing points with every purchase. There have been a lot of changes since the initial release, so let’s take a look back to see how Mistplay has evolved from its beginnings. The Mistplay app is a cool app that is available for download on your iPhone or Android phone. Mistplay is a game app that is available for download on your mobile phone. The game is a virtual reality game where you can play games on your phone and earn points. The points you earn can be used to redeem rewards on your Mistplay account.

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