Online Proofreading jobs 2021 [36 websites to join]

Online Proofreading jobs 2021 [36 websites to join] Online Proofreading jobs 2021 [36 websites to join] Online Proofreading jobs 2021 [36 websites to join] Online Proofreading jobs 2021 [36 websites to join] Online Proofreading jobs 2021 [36 websites to join] Online Proofreading jobs 2021 [36 websites to join] Online Proofreading jobs 2021 [36 websites to join] Online Proofreading jobs 2021 [36 websites to join] Online Proofreading jobs 2021 [36 websites to join] Online Proofreading jobs 2021 [36 websites to join] Online Proofreading jobs 2021 [36 websites to join] Online Proofreading jobs 2021 [36 websites to join] Online Proofreading jobs 2021 [

Online Proofreading jobs 2021 [36 websites to join]

Looking for a job as an online proofreader? Then you’ve come to the right place! This article covers just about everything you need to know about the work of a proofreader, Besides writing blog posts on different niches, I usually do a lot of proofreading of articles. It’s not just for fun, I’ve been earning a nice side income from proofreading for a while now. If you’re a sucker for spelling and grammar when you read something, you might be the best person to make money proofreading. Even if not, a good command of English can help you learn and acquire this skill. You do not have to have a university degree to work as a proofreader. In either case, you should investigate:

  • How much can you earn with proofreading
  • Where to find the best opportunities as a proofreader (work from home).
  • How do I become an online advertiser?

On the high side, $100 an hour may be the money you make. BUT! To do this, you need to improve your skills and sell your services to the right clients. To that end – and to answer the questions posed above – I’m going to tell you about the different platforms where you can find this kind of work. Besides, you’ll learn: I’m talking about how you can gain experience and work to increase your income.

How much can I earn as a proofreader?

word-image-17499 As an aspiring proofreader looking for a part-time or remote job, you can earn at least about $10 an hour. Once you have a little more experience, you can earn between $25 and $50 per hour. BUT! It all depends:

  • What kind of clients do you work with?
  • What type and level of proofreading tasks do you perform?
  • What platform did you choose to search for copywriting jobs?

People who master this skill and work as full-time proofreaders typically earn around $50,000 a year. (If you look at the averages on and ZipRecruiter). That’s not much compared to a career as a writer and editor. This is because it also requires less effort. So, if you want to settle for such an income, you can choose proofreading as a career option.

Authenticity versus fraud This battle happens all the time when you are looking for something online. Like I said, it’s not just proofreading or editing, but in this case your time is important. Therefore, to protect yourself from online fraud, you should work on different platforms to see which one works best for you. Today, I have compiled a rather long list of websites where you can easily find the perfect writing job. Although the authenticity of all these sites has been confirmed, you need to pay attention to other features to find your best partner. When I started working on several of these sites, I asked myself the following questions: Is it suitable for beginners in proofreading? Everyone is entering the market for the first time as a newcomer, and it’s important to know which platform suits them best. Since different sites require different skills, you’ll find the best sites for beginners in our list. I mentioned them in the title or you can find out after reading the list. What is the best way for students to work as writers? I also highlighted the best sites for students and indicated whether or not they require a college degree to apply. So, continue to the end of the list and you will find many suitable options. What is the best solution for experienced proofreaders? As with the previous two categories, this consideration applies only to actions specifically seeking experienced professionals. If you already have experience and skills in proofreading, you will naturally earn more than those just starting out. In addition to the points I mentioned above, you should also analyze platforms that will further help you increase your skills and earning potential as you grow. Here are 35 sites where you can find work as a proofreader,

1. Fiverr: Best for beginners in proofreading

Fiverr is probably one of the best places for beginners to start their proofreading journey. Here you can offer your services in the form of concerts. This platform covers all types of publishing work and is therefore suitable for experienced freelancers. Beginners can start by offering their services for $5, and as they gain experience, they can develop a strategy to earn more. What I like most about Fiverr is that anyone can start right away and get their first client shortly after filling out their profile and posting their list of services. You should also know that fiverr is getting more and more saturated every day. More and more users are joining and offering their services in different categories and at different skill levels. Try a niche with less competition. Also read : The best online tutoring jobs [8 sites offering them].

2. Upwork : Better for proofreading

Upwork is rated higher than Fiverr when it comes to earning more for the same type of service. This is a marketplace for freelancers where you have to bid on different projects to get a job. For proofreading, it’s best to create your portfolio and update your profile information on Upwork. This is important because when customers read your ad, they tend to visit your profile looking for relevant work experience or skills. While people with any level of proofreading can sign up, I recommend switching to this platform only if you have experience with independent clients. This is because Upwork gives you a limited number of connections once you sign up. You will need this information to apply for different jobs. Once the free connections are used up, you will need to purchase them for future use. Also read : Working under the table [10 legal options].

3. Clickworker: All categories GIGs Freelance Platform – the best for beginners

To become a Clickworker corrector, you must take a test after registering. This site offers work in all categories of freelancing, but is slightly different from other traditional freelance sites. It breaks up the whole project into small pieces, which are then put together by several independents called clickers. This technique – known as crowdsourcing – is ideally suited to doing large amounts of proofreading in as short a time as possible. Given this kind of work, Clickworker has positioned itself as one of the best platforms for aspiring proofreaders. But to start as a level teacher, you can’t do it right after enrollment and the first test. Instead, you come in as a writer and must complete various writing assignments. After completing these written assignments, you may take a proofreading test. With this step, you can finally get started with paid proofreading assignments.

LinkedIn is a well-known social network that is mainly active in the professional sector. As with all categories of professional work, there is a huge market for jobs in proofreading and editing. Platforms like this, where you are open to interact with everyone on that platform, give you better opportunities to promote your services. Since it’s more of a social network, it may take a while to find your first job. But in the end, it’s worth all your marketing efforts. You can probably find clients, whether you want to pursue a career as a full-time proofreader or just make some money to pay your coffee bills. If you prefer to work online, you can filter your job search by keyword to find only relevant ads. Additionally, once you find a job you want to apply to, you can set up an alert to be notified when the same jobs are posted in the future. LinkedIn will also show you the jobs that most closely match your profile description.

5. Lionbridge: Mirco Parts Projects Freelancing – Find a full-time online proofreading job

Lionbridge can be one of the best places to go if you’re looking for a full-time editor job. It works like ClickWorker, breaking down most correction projects into smaller pieces. You can find relevant tasks on the website and get started. Important: Upon completion of the registration process, you will be required to take an aptitude test. Only then can you proceed with your first task. Also read : The best weekend jobs [10 options to consider].

6. Get jobs in publishing [Subject/Specific location]

Get Editing Jobs provides functions that match the page name. It mainly comprises the publication of books of all categories. It is a job guide that lists mostly virtual jobs. Although there are companies that seek applicants and full-time employees for jobs as editors and proofreaders. If you limit your search to proofreader, you will only get a list of relevant jobs.

7. EditorialServices : Part-time and full time employment Specific niche for mechanics

This platform focuses the user’s attention directly and very specifically on proofreading. The general positives are that part-time and full-time jobs are available here and you can be flexible in your working hours. ProofreadingServices also offers very competitive pay – even for those new to the field – ranging from about $18 to $45 per hour. While no proofreading experience is required to participate, making it a good choice for beginners, you must attend and complete a 20-minute questionnaire. You can also interact with other experts on the platform, which gives you a chance to better promote your services.

To find a proofreading job at MediaBistro, you should use the search function on their platform. It is mainly aimed at clients seeking freelance services in the field of digital media, but still has a fair share of jobs related to proofreading. You can also sign up for alerts to receive email notifications when an opportunity arises.

9. Guru: Platform for self-employment

Guru is not as popular, but works similar to fiverr, where you are not limited to a category when looking for freelance work. Again, you need to use the search bar to get a list of recently posted proofreading tasks. While Fiverr is more popular, I generally recommend looking for opportunities on multiple platforms when you’re just starting out. You can work on improving your portfolio on this platform by keeping your profile up to date. Here’s what any newbie looking for remote work opportunities should do. Also read : The best online jobs for teens [26 legitimate options].

10. FlexJobs : Platform for self-employment

Like most freelance platforms, FlexJobs offers aspiring editors the opportunity to launch their careers. Just use the search bar and browse through the descriptions of all the proofreader jobs. This way, you will have a good knowledge of how clients define their requirements to work with the most suitable freelancer.

11. Freelancer : Freelancer Platform – Correctors of all levels is one of the largest platforms for freelancers where you can find ready-made projects for different types of proofreading jobs. This is a bulletin board where you have to place a bid to start a project. When you start getting support from different clients, you never know how many of them will be ready for a long-term partnership. Today, even agencies and companies are looking for freelancers on these platforms. Also read : The best online jobs for students [14 legitimate options].

12. Pal correction: Best for students

Proofreading Pal is primarily looking for students with a 3.5+ GPA. You can work on proofreading projects as an experienced student or graduate. Experienced graduates need 5 years or more to enter the profession. Depending on your business activity on this platform, you can easily earn between $500 and $3,000 per month.

13. SmartBrief:

Digital media publishers are especially looking for writers on SmartBrief. If you are interested in this field and want to do correction work related to the information sector, you should register on this site. They are paid by the hour, and for beginners the rate is usually $15 per hour.

14. R3Ciprocity: Correction table specification

R3Ciprocity is a media platform for writers. It works with a unique credit system. You will receive credit points for proofreading documents suggested by other proofreaders in this application. The cycle continues and you can continue to increase your balance. These points can also be redeemed.

15. Polished paper: For experienced technicians

Polished Paper generally pays high prices for its proofreading services, but only accepts experienced proofreaders. After completing the registration information on this site, you will be asked to take an on-line test of 35 questions. You can use the formatting tools to help you perform this test. Polished Paper claims to guarantee first-class proofreading services to its customers and therefore never compromises with inexperienced employees. Also read : Paid discussion groups [10 legitimate options].

16. Ridsey: Review of niche specificities

Especially writers and authors who write a lot and self-publish, turn to Reedsy to find proofreaders. Once you sign up, clients will ask you to share your suggestions for their projects. The site can match you with the most suitable clients based on the information you provide in your profile. This can be a great resource for beginning authors, as many are looking for proofreaders for their self-published books. They receive 10% of what you earn from your proofreading, while the other 90% goes to you.

17. OneSpace Freelancer :

There are fewer vacancies on OneSpace because they are published when an opportunity arises. I listed them because they offer work related to proofreading. Who knows, maybe your first customer will be from OneSpace?

18. Domain page: Low pay, but suitable for beginners

Domainite pays less than other platforms, but it is one of the best platforms for beginners. WHY? It’s easy to get your first client on this platform. After you become a member, you must complete a proofreading assignment. Once that’s done, you can move on. Read also: 11 ways to earn money online for free

19. EditFast: Niche-specificity

EditFast is another discussion forum for proofreaders and editors. They offer high earning potential, but clients always check your profile and habits before hiring you. At the same time, 40% of the project costs remain with them.

20. Writing assignment: Niche-specificity

Writing Jobz offers a proofreading rate of $11 per page. Depending on your experience and availability, you can search and apply for jobs online. They offer a wide range of proofreading services, from handwritten documents to academic papers.

21. Voice of the Word: Niche-specificity

Wordvice is also a great platform to find a job as a proofreader because it generally employs all categories of writers, translators and editors. They have prominent clients like Stanford and Columbia University, and only accept proofreaders with a college degree. Most clients seeking work through Wordvice are ESL learners and generally prefer local people. Also read : Get paid to put ads on your vehicle [5 legitimate options].

22. Writing Workshop: Niche-specificity

Regardless of the platform, if their main categories are writers and editors, they will have opportunities for proofreaders. Writer’s Job Shop constantly updates its job board, and you can almost always find a job. A university degree in any field and fluency in English as a first language are required for employment. Also read : How to make $100 a day [20 legitimate options].

23. Writing help: Niche-specificity

As the name suggests, Writer’s Relief helps writers get their work published. In fact, authors writing a first draft are looking for proofreaders in this application. It is easy to apply, but they accept very few applications. You should help writers like my big brother does.

24. Gramli: Niche-specificity

If you’re looking for a full-time job, you should sign up with Gramlee, which constantly posts openings for proofreaders. Clients also appreciate this platform because the turnaround times are very high. They are very specific about proofreading, and most jobs have to do with it. To get started, you need to fill out an application form and answer some simple questions.

25. Assessment media: General freelance activities

Scrib Media is a shared platform for freelancers, where both permanent and freelancers are recruited. They don’t advertise if there’s no work. So you can sign up for their job alerts and get notified when a proofreading job drops on your doorstep. It’s nice to have a full-time job as an editor.

26. CACTUS Communication: Niche-specificity

Cactus Communications offers proofreading services for internal employees and freelancers. So how do they differ!!! They only accept markers of a certain category. In addition, your degree/qualification should be relevant to the subject of the editing work you want to do. They are very accurate in identifying editing topics and offer a wide range of topics such as biology, medicine, molecular engineering and more.

27. US Journal Experts

American Journal Experts also offers proofreading services on specific topics. skills and distance, so you can participate and work from anywhere in the world. In terms of freelancing, all the jobs they offer are for independent contractors. If you already have a reputable profile on Indeed, you can apply here using the same application.

28. Kirkus Media: Niche-specificity

Kirkus Media is another platform that helps authors get published by connecting them with top editors. Jobs involve mostly editing and proofreading, with a specialization in book reviews. They also offer the opportunity to hire in-house writers for branded magazines.

29. Wordfirm Inc: specific niche – experience desired

Wordfirm, a managed publishing platform, is looking for proofreaders, preferably with 5+ years of experience. And of course, a bachelor’s degree is a prerequisite for employment.

30. Machining911: Specific niche – hire experienced proofreaders and professionals only

Edit911 prefers to hire only doctors, published academics, teachers and book publishers. To join this platform, you must have relevant experience. Although the criteria may seem difficult, this is a good option to gain proofreading experience and earn an extra income.

31. Scribbr: Niche-specificity

To become a member of Scribbr, you must first take a language test. They will review your CV once you have passed the first test. And that’s not all, because you still have 2 to 5 proofreading assignments to do. Scribbr Academy coaches make these assignments for those who have just joined Scribbr. If it is confirmed that they meet their criteria, you will receive the money. What I like most is that the platform provides critical feedback on your work and advice on how to improve it. Such a start will immediately improve your proofreading skills.

32. Verified operation: Desired work experience

Editorial work also requires a university degree and relevant experience to become an editor. They also only seek independent contractors for their work. To ensure high quality writing and editing services, they usually hire experts for proofreading.

33. Scribendi: Specific slot – graduate students

Scribendi is looking for proofreaders with a university degree. You must be a native English speaker and have some kind of degree. And the demands don’t stop there: You must have more than 3 years of experience for a job with great potential, and you must be able to write 1000 to 1500 words per hour.

34.  Craigslist: Location of local and remote markers

Craigslist always has writing and editing related jobs. You can find many if you search by proofreading. Moreover, the projects offered here are challenging and usually enrich your experience. You can communicate with private clients, which is a fun job.

35. Employment creation Advertisement and a few others, like Indeed, which lists jobs in all categories. So start searching and applying for proofreading jobs on their job board, and you might just discover some great opportunities.

36. Valid: All jobs in category

Indeed is a well-known discussion forum that is not limited to writing and proofreading jobs. In addition to a long list of in-house opportunities in all job categories, there are also many remote jobs to be found. The competition is high, as many visitors search the site for jobs every day, although the site is quite user-friendly.

How to become a proofreader

It’s not hard to become a proofreader, unless you think you already are. It’s just a matter of knowing the spelling and grammar of your chosen language. When we talk about becoming a proofreader, we can think of the following: Do I need a degree to become a publisher? First of all, the answer to this question is NO. But since I’ve already talked about the many sources where you can find a job as a proofreader, you may have noticed that you need a bachelor’s degree or even a higher degree to work at some of them. So how should we look at it? From what I know and the research I’ve done, you don’t have to have an education to get started. BUT! If you want a full-time career as a proofreader, you should have at least a bachelor’s degree in a relevant field, as most job openings require it. Some websites offering jobs for proofreaders even accept certain certifications or simply evaluate your relevant experience. Yes, digital certificates are very common in today’s world and anyone can get multiple patch certificates to update their portfolio. In general, your experience and customer feedback play a more important role than even a college degree.

Starting your own proofreading business

I have kept this option separate from the general list of sites. It’s like creating your own website to offer your proofreading service. Think of it more as creating your own blog about a niche you love. You can showcase your proofreading skills and present your website to clients while promoting your services on any digital platform. (especially social networking sites). I call social media the best place to sell without selling. Therefore, you should not only create a blog or website about your proofreading business, but also follow a simple marketing strategy to attract customers and proofreading business. From my personal experience, you can get a lot of customers by being active in social media communities like Facebook groups. Try helping people in the comments of relevant articles, and you might get the attention of your next potential customer. You can grow your business even more by running a paid marketing campaign. But I suggest here to go further by gaining the necessary experience. Watch this video from R3ciprocity to learn how to start your own business in proofreading,   Let’s move to the next section to discover how tools and training can complement your writing journey.

Correctional instruments, training and certificates and their benefits

If you don’t feel like going to a professional level by doing all the work manually, you can consider various tools and training that can help you improve your skills with relatively little effort. Professional training in any field can give you a small advantage and save you time and effort to reach a certain level. The same applies to the tools available online. Some are free, some are not. Grammarly: There are free and paid versions. Microsoft Docs : You can even use the offline version of Microsoft docs (from Microsoft Office Suit) to check for basic errors in grammar, spelling, and sentence structure. There are even statistics on readability. Google Docs : You can sign in with a Google account and open Google Drive. This is where Google Docs can help you with a basic level of correction. Spell check: Another to correct basic errors. Whatever tools and training you use, I always recommend doing some tasks and proofreading completely by hand. Once you have the basic knowledge, you will be able to determine which tool helps you and which tool hinders you. Let’s finish today’s topic…..

Summarized Our conclusion and your action plan

At this point, you should have already made up your mind about your future direction. If not, I will share my findings with you. If you are a beginner, choose sites that accept mostly beginners. If you have a bachelor’s degree, you can go into other fields. Whatever path you choose, keep learning and climb higher on the career ladder to make more money proofreading. You can continue to strive to maximize your hourly wage by gaining experience and attracting well-paying clients and projects. Next, consider building your portfolio on different online platforms.Online and offline proofreading is the job to go for if you are serious about proofreading, but don’t have the time to work at the office. Proofreading is a high-paying job, but not all proofreaders have the type of proofreading skills that employers want. So, where do you turn to find a great proofreader?. Read more about proofreading jobs home based and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become an online proofreader?

While there are plenty of proofreading websites online, many of them are scams—and some of the best ones are the ones that you have to be invited to join before you can apply. So, if you’re serious about becoming a professional proofreader, here’s everything you need to know to find your perfect proofreading job, and earn a steady income. How do I become an online proofreader? How do I start making money online? And how do I get to work with these huge companies? Forget all the social media marketing, and thinking big, because now you can start with a small job. Online proofreading is a very simple and easy-to-do job. It is not a huge job that requires you to have a lot of knowledge. All you need to do is choose the right job, join the right website, and get started.

Where can I apply to be a proofreader?

As a proofreader, you know you have all the skills it takes to become a successful proofreader. It’s all about being a good reader, a good writer, and a good speller. The skills you need aren’t only for English, either. Proofreaders are the editors of our digital age, helping you to make sense of what you’ve written as you write it. They are the ones who make sure you’ve taken proper care of your work so that it can stand the test of time, and they’re the ones who make sure you’ve been reading the writing you’re supposed to be reading so you can make better, more informed decisions about what you write. Hello! In this article, I want to talk about proofreading jobs. I like to proofread, and I have found that proofreading is a good way to make a little extra money. Many people are looking for proofreaders, but they don’t know where to look, and they don’t know how to find a proofreader.

What is the best proofreading website?

If you have not taken proofreading seriously yet, this might be the perfect time to start. It is not being used as much as it should be. The time of ruling over the internet has passed, and real jobs are taking place on the web. You can earn a lot of money online. There are a lot of websites offering proofreading services. You want to choose the best ones, right? There are a lot of sites that offer free proofreading and editing services. However, you may not be able to access all the websites due to your limited access to the internet. So, what are some of the best websites to sign up for? Proofreading websites are becoming a must for those who are looking for proofreading services.

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