It’s been a while since the company Lou Basenese has teased the Internet with a mysterious video and it looks like he’s ready to spill the beans. But, instead of publishing the full video, Lou has been teasing us with vague statements in the form of Twitter banter.

I’ve been using this app for just over a month now. I’ve made a ton of money with it and it’s only cost me a few bucks. This is a very simple app that works very well. I highly recommend it for anyone who wants to make money with the stock market.

I just got an email from Lou Basenese directing me to a presentation about Jeff Bezos allegedly selling Amazon stock to invest in something called “VLEO.”

According to Lou Basenese, Jeff Bezos is working on a “groundbreaking new project” that may be the “next Amazon” and increase your investment by “up to 75X.”

It seems intriguing, but is it genuine or too good to be true?

So, I decided to check into it more to find out, and I’ll show you what I discovered in this post.

I’ll start by going through his major forecast with you. Then I’ll disclose the stock I believe he’s hinting to and discuss my impressions of his advising firm, Digital Fortunes.

The “Bezos New Project” is dissected.

The presentation begins with Louis Basenese discussing how Amazon founder Jeff Bezos sold $1.8 billion in Amazon stock and is “directly investing it in backing a revolutionary new project.” This is Jeff Bezos’ “next major gamble,” according to Lou.

What exactly is he talking about?

Bezos is reportedly “betting it all” on a radical new form of the internet dubbed “Everywhere Internet,” according to Lou. Which, according to reports, may provide you with 12x quicker internet for as low as $8.25 per month, anywhere in the United States.

According to him, this initiative is so large that it may make all cable, television, internet, and phone services useless. And that when Bezos’ “Everywhere Internet” takes off, stockholders may see gains of 7,535 percent or more.

I’m predicting earnings of 151 percent… 1,507 percent… even 7,535 percent or more if you act quickly on what you’re going to see. is the source.

What is Everywhere Internet, and how does it work?

When Lou Basenese says “Everywhere Internet” in the presentation, he’s alluding to Project Kuiper, which Jeff Bezos has been working on.

Bezos’ new internet is dubbed “Project Kuiper,” and it has the potential to alter your life, as well as your bank account, forever on September 7th, 2021…

Project Kuiper is a real thing, and it’s all about utilizing Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellites to make the internet quicker, cheaper, and more accessible to ordinary people.

Project Kuiper is described as follows by Amazon:

We launched Project Kuiper this spring, a plan to construct a low-Earth-orbit (LEO) satellite constellation capable of delivering dependable, cheap internet access to underserved and unserved areas across the globe.,,, aboutamazon.

Lou claims that Jeff Bezos is “dumping Amazon shares to purchase into VLEO,” as he said at the beginning.

However, Amazon’s description of Project Kuiper does not include the word VLEO (Very Low Earth Orbit). Instead, it merely makes a passing reference to LEO (Low Earth Orbit).

What’s the difference between the two?

There is a variation in the presentation, but it is not significant.

According to ResearchGate, LEO spacecraft orbit between 200 and 2,000 kilometers, whereas VLEO satellites orbit below 450 kilometers.

Amazon has filed to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to install 3,236 satellites at altitudes of 590 kilometers, 610 kilometers, and 630 kilometers.

As a result, it seems that Bezos is “buying into LEO.”

Nonetheless, Lou claims that Jeff Bezos plans to launch thousands of “refrigerator-sized micro-routers” (satellites) into orbit using rockets similar to those used by his Blue Origin space business.

Lou claims that once the satellites are in place, all you have to do is install a terminal on your roof to receive the signal and get access to the “Everywhere Internet.”

What exactly is the significance of September 7th?

Louis cites September 7th, 2021, as a date that “could alter your life” since that is when he believes Bezos will make a key agreement for this project. He claims that if this occurs, the “shares of one small business” may skyrocket.

Lou Basenses describes it this way:

On the 7th of September, 2021…

Project Kuiper’s key participants are attending a conference…

Amazon Web Services’ Director of Aerospace and Satellite Solutions will be in attendance…

AND the CTO of our $15 startup…

This puts a major Kuiper executive in the same room as our $15 firm’s CTO!

Louis further claims that, per the terms of Amazon’s FCC clearance (which can be found here), they must install half of their satellites by July 2026 and all 3,236 by 2029.

According to his estimates, Bezos would have to begin launching the satellites by early 2022, giving investors a limited window of time to act.

As investors, this implies we only have a limited window of opportunity to profit from Bezos’ trend…

We’ll look at the business Louis recommends in the next section.

Lou Basenese is teasing about a “secret $15 company.”

During the lecture, Louis mentions that since Amazon owns Project Kuiper, you can’t invest directly in it. While you can purchase Amazon stock, he claims to know of a “hidden backdoor” that “may earn you up to 75x your money” in the coming months.

He claims it’s all about a “one missing element” that Bezos needs to “turn the switch” on the project. He points out that this is an antenna for the home terminals I described before.

As a result, Louis’ suggestion centers on a “hidden $15 business” that manufactures the antenna for home terminals that links to Bezos’ Kuiper satellites.

He doesn’t say what business it is, but he does provide a few hints, and I’m fairly confident I’ve figured it out.

Here are a few of the hints Lou gives throughout his presentation:

This small little company trades for about $15 per share, as I’ve shown you…

The business is now valued at approximately $600 million on the stock market…

On the 7th of September, 2021…

Project Kuiper’s key participants are attending a conference…

Amazon Web Services’ Director of Aerospace and Satellite Solutions will be in attendance…

AND the CTO of our $15 startup…

That puts a senior Kuiper executive in the same room as our $15 firm’s CTO!

That’s not a lot of information to go on. None of these hints were sufficient in and of itself to lead me to the business he’s referring about. However, one of the images in the presentation pointed me in the correct direction.

Lou displays a photograph of one of the company’s terminals aboard an aircraft. On the Gilat Satellite Networks website, I was able to locate the identical image:

It turns out the device is known as a SOTM Antenna System. I don’t understand the technology, but the article on the website (linked beneath the image) explains everything.

In any case, I began looking into some of the other hints he had given.

First, Gilat Satellite Networks trades at little over $10 a share, which does not make it a “$15 business,” but it is less than $15. So it’s a match in that regard.

As of this writing, Gilat has a market value of approximately $600 million, which corresponds to what Lou states in the presentation.

It seems to be a fair fit, given that the picture of their product matches, the business produces the antennas Lou is referring to, and promotes itself as the “largest worldwide supplier of satellite-based broadband communications.”

Gilat Satellite Networks, I think, is Lou Basenese’s “secret $15 business” (GILT).

The only item that didn’t add up was the “September 7th, 2021” part…

According to Lou, the company’s Chief Technology Officer will attend a symposium on September 7, 2021, with Amazon Web Services’ Director of Aerospace and Satellite Solutions.

The Satellite 2021 conference, I think, is the one he’s alluding about.

Clint Crosier, Director of Aerospace and Satellite Solutions at Amazon Web Services, will be speaking on September 7th, according to this list of Satellite 2021 speakers.

Dubi Lever is also the CTO of Gilat Satellite Networks, according to this page on the website, which I confirmed via additional investigation. On October 5, 2021, he will attend a conference with Amazon Web Services’ general manager.

However… I can’t find any evidence that he’ll be at the September 7 event or that he’ll be in the “same room” as Amazon Web Services’ Director of Aerospace and Satellite Solutions.

As a result, that portion of Lou’s presentation remains a mystery.

Gilat Satellite Networks, on the other hand, is a close second.

In a similar presentation titled “Elon Musk’s Next Big Bet,” Louis recommends what seems to be the same stock, except instead of Jeff Bezos, he speaks about Elon Musk. And it seems that he may have recommended this stock in previous presentations as well.

In any event, read Louis’ 21-page analysis titled “The Secret $15 Firm Behind Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos’ Race to Own the Internet” to find out for sure what Louis’ suggestion is and why he recommends the company.

Joining his new advice service, Digital Fortunes, is the only way to get your hands on it. So, let’s see what it’s all about and how it works.

Lou Basenese’s Digital Fortunes: What Are They?

Lou Basenese runs Digital Fortunes, a stock advice service focused at helping members profit from future technological developments.

Trend Trader, which is presently featured on the Crowdability website, seems to be the same service as Digital Fortunes. So either Digital Fortunes is a renamed version of the same business, or Lou has chosen to offer it under two distinct identities.

In any event, Lou’s interests include topics like space-based internet, artificial intelligence, 5G, self-driving cars, and even cannabis. In other words, whatever Lou considers to be a “exciting and lucrative” trend.

Lou searches for the finest mid-cap to large-cap businesses he thinks are at the forefront of a trend he’s interested in and shares them with subscribers whenever he finds one.

Each month, members get a new edition of Digital Fortunes, which details the trend Lou is following and the business he advises investing in to capitalize on it.

This contains details on the technology, the business, the management team, and everything you need to know to follow Lou’s advice, such as the stock symbol and the price at which he suggests investing.

You may then select whether or not you wish to invest using your own broker account.

Lou prefers mid-cap over large-cap businesses, which have a market capitalization of at least $2 billion and are considered to be less hazardous.

He does, however, endorse several smaller IT firms, as shown by his presentation. It’s simply that, unlike other services I’ve evaluated, such as Microcap Insider, it doesn’t seem to be his primary emphasis with this one.

What Are the Benefits of Joining?

The primary benefit of joining Lou’s advice service is access to his most recent stock recommendations and investing ideas.

The service costs $299 per month, but if you sign up via the “Secret $15 Company” ad about Jeff Bezos’ new satellite internet endeavor, you can get it for $99.

This provides you with a 12-month subscription to the service.

You will get a new edition of Digital Fortunes every month for the next 12 months, which will take you through a new stock suggestion. As part of the presentation, you’ll also receive access to some unique reports that explain three of his most recent suggestions.

The following are the special reports you will get as part of this presentation:

  • Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos’ Race to Own the Internet Has a $15 Company Behind It
  • To Own Everything, Make The One Space Move!
  • My #1 Strategy for Profiting from the Regenerative Medicine Boom

We’ve previously discussed his first stock choice, which I think is Gilat Satellite Networks, but in the other two reports, he discusses two more possibilities.

Who is Louis Basenese, and where did he come from?

The Digital Fortunes advice service and other services on the Trend Trader Daily website are run by Louis Basenese.

For example, he publishes Trend Trader Daily, a free daily newsletter, as well as Micro-cap Advantage, Biotech Breakout Alert, and Takeover Trader, three premium services.

He’s perhaps most recognized for his work with Trend Trader, which seems to be an older version of Digital Fortunes, but his work has also been featured on, The Wall Street Journal, MarketWatch, and other financial sites.

He’s also made appearances on CNBC and Fox Business.

Lou worked as a Wall Street consultant and analyst at Morgan Stanley, where he handled more than $1.5 billion in assets.


The Kuiper Project, which Jeff Bezos is working on to transform the internet utilizing low earth orbit satellites, is the subject of Lou Basenese’s “secret $15 business.”

I’m sure the business Lou is promoting is named Gilat Satellite Networks based on the hints Lou gave in the presentation and what I discovered throughout my investigation.

To find out for sure whose business he’s teasing, you’ll have to pay $99 to join his service, Digital Fortunes, through his presentation. Because you’ll have access to an unique report he wrote that goes into his forecast in great detail.

The article is titled “The Secret $15 Company Behind Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos’ Race to Own the Internet,” and it reveals all you need to know about Lou’s advice.

At the end of the day, Lou Basenese has selected some excellent stocks throughout the years, but there’s no assurance that you’ll earn 75 times your money following his advice.

There’s also no assurance that the firm he recommends will play a major role in Jeff Bezos’ new Kuiper Project’s launch in the coming months or years.

So, before jumping into his suggestion, conduct your own research and determine for yourself whether it’s something you want to invest your money in.

Is his assistance worthwhile?

To obtain my complete opinion on Digital Fortunes, read my review.

However, Digital Fortunes seems to be a genuine business, and it may be worth investigating if you’re interested in investing in new technology firms.

However, it is unlikely to appeal to more cautious investors since Lou focuses on new technology, which is inherently hazardous.

In any case, thank you for taking the time to read this. I hope you found this post to be informative.

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