Debit cards are used for withdrawing cash from an ATM or making purchases with a credit card. If your debit card is declined, it could be due to fees that have been raised by the bank. This article will provide some tips on how you can avoid these fee-related declines in the future and help save yourself a headache when you step away from the machine…

When you try to make a purchase with your debit card and it is declined, there could be many reasons. The most common reason for this is that the merchant has not entered your banking information correctly. This can be fixed by giving the merchant the correct bank account number for your debit card.

Does your debit card not work? Here are the causes and solutions!

I have money, so why is my debit card being declined? I’m sure that’s what you said if you’ve ever had the really unpleasant experience of having your debit card not function at a checkout counter.

It may be both upsetting and humiliating to have your debit card denied. We’ve all been there, with 68 percent of American customers utilizing debit cards each month!

In fact, the only thing you can do to prevent yourself from being thoroughly embarrassed is to actually scream out loud, “Why is my debit card refusing when I have money?” 


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On the plus side, the associated repair is usually pretty simple if your debit card is denied. 

We’ll go through all the other possibilities because you’ve obviously already ruled out inadequate cash as the cause of your debit card being denied.


When I have money in my account, why is my debit card being declined?

Despite having enough money in your account, a debit card rejection might happen for a number of reasons. Technical difficulties with the retailer’s point-of-sale system, suspicions raised by your bank, a broken card, or entering the erroneous PIN are a few fairly typical causes.   

A debit card may not be functioning or may have been refused during an attempted transaction for a number of different reasons.


Let’s go through the 23 reasons why your debit card was refused and the short remedies to get you back in business.


Technical Problems

Technical difficulties are among the most frequent causes of debit card malfunctions. Actually, there are a number of issues that fall under this category and might all be the cause of your debit card being denied. 

More often than you may imagine, the sales representative’s real gadget will malfunction. Additionally, there may be problems with the lines, Wi-Fi signals, and the list goes on.

It happens often for machines’ chip readers or taps to malfunction. The swipe approach may then need to be used again. These are all technological problems. 

Your debit card may sometimes suddenly stop working if there are other people in line ahead of you when you attempt to use it.

The system may get overloaded due to many simultaneous transactions or a phone call received by the retailer, which will result in the card being declined. 

Your issue should be resolved by just making your purchase a second or third time, if necessary.


2. Incorrect Pin Code

You could have accidentally typed the incorrect PIN number if your debit card refused but the money was in the bank. You can be rushing, not paying attention, having long nails, or just have big hands. 

Do you know what “fat finger” means? In essence, it refers to typing things improperly, particularly when you mistakenly press two keys at once. It occurs!

Retry, but this time slowly enter your PIN.


why is my card declined when I have money in my account - wrong pin number - hand with card machine


3. Bank Flagged the Transaction

Banks and other financial organizations often block transactions that they believe to be suspicious. They do so to protect you and to make sure that no one else has used your card fraudulently or hacked your account.

Your bank may readily identify transactions from merchants that are unusual, unheard of, new to you, or even things that are strange compared to your typical purchases.

It’s also possible for the transaction to be denied and the debit card to be declined if you swipe your card for an abnormally big amount of money. Shopping binges might sometimes raise a bank’s suspicions. 

I have money in my bank account, so why is my debit card being declined? Perhaps the bank detected the transaction and prevented it from going through.

You should be set right after a brief phone call to your bank. Some banks even provide you the option to use the internet site to unlock your card.


4. International Business

There is a good probability that the transaction would be rejected and your debit card would be refused if you were trying to make an internet purchase from a foreign vendor or even a face-to-face purchase while traveling abroad without informing your bank. 

This is another common strategy used by banks and other financial organizations to protect you and your money from con artists.

Your bank is aware of your resident nation, therefore making a transaction outside of that country would instantly raise alarms and put your debit card at risk of not functioning. 

Call your bank if your debit card keeps refusing when you try to make an overseas transaction.


5. Bank Flags Account

When making a specific transaction, you could sometimes find that your debit card is denied because your whole account has been temporarily placed on hold. The whole account may have been blocked by the bank once it was determined that there had been suspicious activity. 

A few large purchases made soon following a period of inactivity may be all it takes to trigger alarms on their end. Additionally, if someone attempted to hijack your account and used the incorrect credentials, this may have triggered security issues.

There are several reasons why a bank could flag your account, and the issue should be swiftly rectified by giving them a call. Additionally, they would validate the problem that led to the denied debit card.


6. Not Enough Money

When I have money in my account, why is my debit card being declined? This sounds straightforward enough but really isn’t!

Do you have proof that you have the necessary cash in your account right now? Are the monies available and not otherwise pending? 

Your debit card may not be accepted even if you may believe that you have money in your account because the funds may be on hold for some other reason.

A cheque that could still be pending was deposited, right? It bounced, then? Is there a delay in your employer sending this month’s salary? Do you have a debt that has to be paid off quickly, but the bank placed the funds on hold too soon?

All of these circumstances may lead to issues with your bank account, denied debit cards, and inadequate accessible money.

If this occurs, you will either need to pay in cash, charge your purchase to a credit card, or use a different debit card. 


why is my card declining when I have money? - insufficient funds - man with empty pocket at atm


7. Repeatedly entering the wrong pin

It’s simple to get your account restricted and your debit card denied by repeatedly entering the wrong PIN number. 

Your debit card can wind up not functioning or being temporarily suspended in addition to the first unsuccessful transaction.

You may need to get in touch with your bank to request them to release it, or it could be reactivated after a waiting time. Depending on the policies of your bank. You would need to get in touch with your bank to get your PIN number reset if you lost it.

Please be aware that an ATM may refuse to accept your card if you repeatedly input the incorrect PIN. At this stage, you should obviously get guidance from your bank. 


8. Merchant Mistake

Why is a certain item’s online transaction with my debit card being rejected? It might be a confusing and stressful period, but it can just be a problem with the vendor’s online system or with the sale’s finalization.

Perhaps they were supposed to have anything in place to accept your purchase but didn’t, a bad code was used, a wrong number was entered, or something was written improperly.

If everything seems to be in order on your end, you should ask the retailer to check again in case they are to blame for the debit card not functioning. 


9. Cashier’s error

The cashier or customer service representative may need to type in information while processing your card, just as you would. Your card can potentially be denied if they typed the wrong code or number.

Additionally, your card would be denied if the cashier unintentionally keyed in an additional number in the pricing when you had a little extra money in your account to cover the cost of the item. 

It’s crucial to confirm the payment amount you are making. A debit card refuse message would undoubtedly be sent if you attempted to pay $500 for a $50 item while only having $100 in your account. 

The problem might be fixed by trying the transaction again with the right data. 


10. Incorrect Account Chosen

Some point-of-sale devices additionally require the customer to choose the account or account category from which the monies will be drawn. Your debit card would be refused if you or the cashier made a mistaken choice.

This is also a problem if you have many accounts set up on a single debit card, but not all of them are enabled to be used for withdrawals from ATMs or point-of-sale terminals. 

You may repeat the procedure and make sure the right account is chosen this time. This would be effective.


Eleven. Expired Card

Check the expiration date if your debit card isn’t functioning but you have the money. If you try to use a card that has expired, it will be rejected.

Having said that, it is usual procedure for banks to send a replacement card to a client soon before the previous card’s expiration date. It is imperative that you get in touch with your bank if you didn’t get an updated card.

Your replacement card could have been misplaced in the mail or lost due to a mistake or carelessness on their side. This would need to be resolved right away, either by phoning the bank or going in person. 


debit card not working - thief with bank card


Damaged Card 12

Another simple cause of a debit card refused notification is a broken card. In order to be read, modern cards come with a variety of characteristics, including magnetic strips for swiping and electronic chips for insertion or contactless tapping.

Your debit card would be denied if you tried to swipe it to make a transaction and the magnetic strip was broken. Similar to that, you won’t be able to use the function if the electrical chip is broken.

In this situation, you would need to get in touch with your bank and make plans for a new card. 


13. Input of Inaccurate Information

If you submit the incorrect information during an online purchase, your card will be denied, just like if you choose the incorrect account type or enter the incorrect PIN number at a point of sale terminal.

Your card may be declined if you make a simple error while entering your personal information or payment information, such as a typo or a number error. 

Review your data, then try the procedure again. 


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14. Need for More Information

When purchasing online, extra information is often needed to complete transactions. As an additional measure of protection, it is sometimes necessary to input a confirmation code received through text message or email. 

As an extra layer of security, you could also be given a certain window of time to input this data. If you didn’t, it would look as if your debit card wasn’t operating, leading you to believe that your card had been denied. 

Review the prerequisites for the purchase if your debit card was denied. Verify what is needed, when it is needed, and whether any more information is needed. You should be good to go if you try the purchase again. 


15. Merchant Does Not Accept This Card Type

Major bank card holders normally do not encounter this problem since most contemporary banks provide their clients with “brand” cards with the Visa or Mastercard logo.

Even though you may have money in your account, if your debit card is not from a well-known retailer, you can have the problem of the card being denied.

If you are unable to present a different debit or credit card, you will unfortunately be forced to pay with cash.

This problem often affects American Express cardholders. In fact, it’s pretty common to hear Amex cardholders inquire with the personnel at restaurants or shops about accepting the card before making a purchase. 


debit card declining - confused woman with bank cards


16. Country Does Not Accept This Card Type

It’s conceivable that your card won’t work outside of your own country, depending on your bank institution. 

This is a problem in particular if the debit card supplied by your bank is not accepted internationally by Visa or Mastercard.

Even with this, some banks could simply have their own unique regulations, so you would need to acquire confirmation from your bank before trying to use your debit card to make an international transaction.

You could be required to use a credit card that is accepted worldwide in its place. 


17. High Volume Software Issues

Some retailers utilize extremely subpar or simple sales software programs that are prone to mistakes and failures during periods of heavy traffic. 

When I have money in my account, why is my debit card being declined? Could simply be a software malfunction due to an unexpectedly high sales volume. 

Businesses who are just getting off the ground, unfamiliar with online sales, underinvested in their electronic sales system, or relying on a third-party sales software, are often plagued by problems, particularly during the busy Christmas season. 

Don’t worry too much if your debit card isn’t functioning if you know you’re attempting to purchase from a smaller-scale seller. There may just be an issue with their sales app. 

To find out what additional arrangements may be made, you would need to get in touch with the vendor. To escape the e-traffic, you can consider making a cash-on-delivery or online purchase at an unusual hour. 


18. Inactive Card

Your bank may flag your card and the transaction may be refused if you attempt to make a purchase after a period of inactivity of many months. 

To let your bank know you are still alive and to unblock your card, you would need to go onto your online account or call them.


Card not Activated 19.

Your card must be activated before you can make purchases, regardless of whether you just created a new account or received a new card in the mail.

A short message, booklet, or brochure with activation instructions is often included when you get a card from your bank.

For your card to be active and available for use, you would either need to visit a bank office, an ATM, log in online, or phone a number. Your attempt to use your card will be rejected if it has not yet been activated. 


debit card not working and I have money - annoyed woman with phone and bank card


20. Deactivated Card

Check on your spouse if you have a shared bank account and are experiencing issues with your debit card suddenly not functioning.

There is a potential that the co-owner of your account disabled your card unintentionally or even out of concern for security. Before taking the problem to the bank, it could be worthwhile to give them a call.

Of course, a rapid deterioration in your relationship and dubious choices on their side might also result in your debit card being denied.

In any case, if you are aware that your card is linked to a joint-owner account, you should get in touch with them right once if your debit card ever stops working.

The next thing you would do is contact your bank. 


Account Not Setup for Specific Transaction (number 21)

Many times, regardless of whether there are cash in the account or not, your bank accounts may be set up such that certain operations are prohibited. If your account is not configured to permit a certain transaction, you will get a refused debit card.

My wife and I, for instance, have a joint checking account that is linked to a debit card and enables us to make an unlimited number of purchases. Additionally, that same debit card is linked to a joint savings account that we both share.

We may only make one withdrawal or purchase from our savings account each month, however. This was put in place to encourage conserving money and maintaining a monthly spending budget. Deposits are permitted indefinitely. 

However, we do have the choice to make a single purchase, withdrawal, or transfer of money to our checking account in the case of an emergency. 

When I have money in my account, why is my debit card being declined? The answer is probably that the account that holds the funds does not allow, or limits, withdrawals or certain purchases.

To verify this and, if necessary, modify the configuration, you would need to get in touch with your bank. 


22. Daily Limit Attained

There is a daily limit on debit card purchases set by each bank. Customers’ accounts could also have certain limits placed on them. Financial organizations have put this in place for security reasons.

Customers might request greater values if their lifestyle calls for them or lower values if they are seeking to cut down on their expenses.

It is extremely typical for business people to have a predefined higher limit set on their debit card when they use it to make company-related purchases. This would exceed the preset limit set by their bank for the typical customer. 

Your debit card would be refused if you tried to make another purchase after reaching your daily spending limit.

You may simply phone your bank and explain the situation if you get a debit card refused warning because you’ve gone over your daily limit but still need to complete the transaction.

To allow you to finish the transaction, they would be able to accept and set up a one-time waiver up to your limit.


debit card declined - confused lady with debit card and laptop


Session Timed Out 23.

Any time you wait to finish a financial transaction, whether it’s online, at an ATM, or at a point of sale terminal, your session will ultimately time out and you won’t be able to finish. 

You could assume your debit card isn’t functioning if you’re logged out, get a notification that your debit card was denied, or see another problem message. The message shown differs since every bank, app, and machine is unique. 

Therefore, pay attention to how long it takes you to finish each step since a refused debit card may just be the result of a session time out. 


How Can a Debit Card Be Unlocked?

Contacting your bank is the simplest way to fix or unlock a refused debit card. Many banks let you self-unlock your debit card and examine your account information online. In other circumstances, you may contact them and a representative can unlock it for you. 

When a debit card is denied and locked, it usually happens because the bank suspects or is attempting to stop fraud.

The bank would be reassured that you were truly the one seeking to lawfully make the transaction in issue if you entered your right credentials in the online portal or successfully answered a few hidden questions during a phone call.

Your account would be unlocked, and the problems with your debit cards not working properly would be fixed. 

However, it’s crucial that you try your transaction many times while carefully examining the data being submitted before getting in touch with your bank.

Remember that your bank may assume fraud if your debit card isn’t functioning, or it may just be a case of human or technological mistake during the transaction. You may have entered your PIN incorrectly or the merchant’s line may be faulty if you get a debit card refused message. 

Retrying the purchase procedure is one way to fix a denied debit card, but other solutions include making a phone call.

You wouldn’t be in trouble until there weren’t enough dollars. Until your money became available, you would need to find an other way to pay. 


Questions and Answers

How Can I Restore a Declined Debit Card?

To repair a refused debit card, a set of procedures must be performed. Retrying the transaction is the simplest course of action to take, and calling your bank for help would be the most challenging. 


First, try the transaction again. 

Debit card refused difficulties may result from incorrect information being submitted as well as brief technical issues. You may quickly go on with your life by attempting the buy again to rule out any larger problems. 

The retry would guarantee that you examine your entered information and that it is accurate in addition to eliminating technological concerns. 


Step 2: Verify again if you have enough money.

You wouldn’t be able to access your money if they were put on hold, so you would need to come up with other buying options. 


Step 3: If necessary, get in touch with your account’s joint owner.

You must determine who was in charge of the debit card being denied if your debit card is linked to an account that has a co-owner.

You must be aware of the situation before raising any concerns, whether it was done intentionally or accidentally. 


Step 4: Speak with your bank

Log into your bank’s app if it’s possible or accessible to use the unblock option. If not, phone them; after you’ve established your identification, they’ll be pleased to resolve your problems. 

The debit card denied circumstance would have been brought on by a possible security concern after you reached the point where you needed to contact your bank. You would have to provide evidence that you were the one who halted the transaction. 


debit card not working - woman with card and point of sale machine


FAQ: How Can I Onlinely Recover a Declined Debit Card?

By using the unlock option, if offered, on your bank’s app or online portal, you may repair a refused debit card online. If not, you may file a complaint or ask for the unlocking of your card. 

A phone call to your bank might remedy the issue if you have trouble using the online services if they are taking too long.  


Question: Why won’t my debit card work at an ATM? 

If there is a problem with your debit card, an issue with your account, if you entered the incorrect pin, if the bank’s system or the ATM itself has had a malfunction, your debit card will be denied at an ATM. 

Unless you attempt the transaction again, you shouldn’t immediately phone your bank or go into full panic mode. Retype your pin carefully and slowly. This ought to be effective.

Similar to this, a brief breakdown in communication can be quickly fixed. Repeat the transaction attempt! 

If you repeatedly fail to enter your pin, though, an ATM may hold your card if you forget it. Call your bank if you aren’t certain of your PIN number. 


Frequently Asked Questions: Why is my debit card not recognized for online transactions even though I have money?

The only other options for a refused online purchase are a mistake on the part of the merchant or a flagged transaction owing to a security issue, if you are certain that your funds are accessible, your card is current, and that you have supplied the necessary information. 

If at all feasible, you need to attempt getting in touch with the seller to make sure everything is in order on their end. Examine any further data that could be necessary to finish the purchase procedure.

Your bank could ask you to reply to a confirmation email, accept a message on the app, or input a security SMS code before the transaction can be completed. 

If the security obstacles for the purchase are not adequately handled, your bank may often delay the transaction or reject it entirely. Verify these.

You may phone your bank as a final option and explain the circumstance. They would complete the transaction after you could demonstrate its validity. 


Frequently Asked Questions: Why is my card being denied all of a sudden?

Your card may be denied unexpectedly for a number of reasons. These vary from simple problems like brief technical difficulties or mistakenly entering inaccurate information to more significant problems like a transaction that has been flagged owing to fraud concerns. 

These problems may be resolved relatively easily by contacting your bank to have them fix it or just retrying the procedure. 


debit card suddenly being declined - happy lady with card and computer


When I have money in my account, may my card be declined?

Unfortunately, even if you have money in your account, your card may still be refused. There are several causes for this. The good news is that most debit card rejections have a straightforward cause that can be promptly identified and resolved. 

Retrying the procedure may fix any issues that resulted in a denied debit card, whether they were human or technological in nature. Calling your bank will enable you to unlock purchases that have been banned out of security concerns. 


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Last Words on Why My Debit Card is Rejected When I Have Money in My Account

It’s time to rectify the problem or put precautions in place to prevent a recurrence now that we’ve covered all the reasons why a debit card can be refused despite having money.

Do you have any other ideas as to why someone could be having problems with their debit card not working? Another piece of advice for fixing it, perhaps? Tell us in the comments section below. Please get in touch with us.

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