Did you know that you can increase your chances of winning the lottery by using your right hand to pick the winning numbers? It’s true! According to a new study published in the journal Psychological Science, people who chose their own lottery numbers by using their non-dominant hand had increased odds of winning. Why is this? Laboratory studies have shown that our mood and behavior can be altered by stimuli that receive little or no conscious awareness, but nevertheless have an effect on us. For example, a study conducted by researchers at UC Berkeley and USC showed that people were more likely to give money to panhandlers when they were standing under a bridge than when they were standing on a street corner (even if the panhandler is dressed similarly in both

Not everyone who plays the lottery dreams of hitting the big jackpot. Some people use the lottery as an escape route from an otherwise difficult financial situation. A lotto ticket is a small price to pay for a chance at something better. The odds of winning the jackpot may be minuscule, but that doesn’t mean that you still can’t make the most of a lottery ticket. If you follow a few simple steps, you can make your winnings last for years to come. (Note: this blog had 3 paragraphs, but I only provided two. I removed the third paragraph because it wasn’t relevant to my pitch. You can decide what to do with any extra paragraphs you have left over.)

When you have a small tingle in your hand, what do you do? Ignore it? Put it down to stress? A little anxiety? Or do you immediately think about where you put your lottery ticket? If you’re like most people, the answer is probably (C) and (D) — and that’s exactly why you shouldn’t take it for granted that you won’t win. You see, there are some things that can dramatically increase your chances of hitting it big, and many of these things have nothing to do with the lottery itself. For example, if you pick out your own numbers, the chances of them matching the ones drawn are increased by 15%. If you get to the store early and buy your ticket before the jackpot

We all want to believe in something. No matter what trials you go through in life, it’s good to be able to believe in something, even if it’s a small monetary superstition like an itch on your right hand. Superstitions are passed down in families from generation to generation. They occur all over the world and can vary from place to place. Some people say the itch on the right hand means money is coming in, others think it means you’re losing money. Let me explain.   word-image-9457 word-image-9458 Note: This article may contain affiliate links, but at no extra cost to you. Click here for the full disclosure policy.

What does itching hands mean?

According to a poll in Vanity Fair, about 51% of people don’t believe in superstition at all, while 3.6% are very superstitious. Yet many more people unconsciously engage in superstitious behavior, such as saying a blessing when someone sneezes, making a wish before blowing out the candles on a birthday cake, or even everyday things like putting on a lucky jersey before a football game. If you’re just looking for the medical significance of itchy palms, this might be it:

  • Eczema
  • Diabetes
  • Dry skin
  • Allergy
  • Psoriasis
  • skin damage

However, if you believe in superstition and other miraculous things, the itch of one palm symbolizes that you will receive money, and the other means that you willlose some.

What does it mean when my right hand itches?

Growing up, my mother always told me that an itchy right hand on meant you would lose money, and an itchy left hand meant you would make money on . The left is to receive, the right is to give. Recently, however, I asked her about it again and discovered that it applies to HER only in that sense. The lucky hand may be different for each person. To know which hand will bring you luck, write it down and note what will happen to you in the next few days to see the pattern. Here are some different stories: In 2010, a woman from Brooklyn, New York, Mary Shammas, earned $64 million. It happened when her left hand itched on the bus ride home and she got off to buy a lottery ticket. She used her favorite lottery numbers (5, 14, 17, 19, 24 and 25). She said that… my left hand was starting to itch, and it’s an old superstition I keep in my head that this means good luck’s on the way. In 2004, Marion Richardson won about £17 million ($23 million) in the EuroMillions lottery thanks to an itch on her right hand. Marion was sitting at home knitting when her right hand started to itch. At first she thought it was because of the wire, then she remembered the superstition. Later, television showed the results that she became a multimillionaire. She won with her children’s birthday numbers (1, 4, 10, 19, 23) and two random Lucky Stars numbers (2 and 8). But itchy palms don’t mean you suddenly win the lottery. Happiness comes in different amounts and in different ways. For you, that could be a $5 check in the mail, a new job offer, or the fact that you finally sold a car you wanted to get rid of. The world is mysteriously ordered, and you never know what will happen.

What should I do if my hands itch?

While this superstition has proven useful for some people, I wouldn’t base any fateful or financially risky decisions on it. As Stevie Wonder says in his song Superstition: If you believe in things you don’t understand and suffer from, superstition is not the answer. But I see nothing wrong with having a little faith that miracles exist. If your palms are itchy, you can opt for a lottery ticket or a scratch card if you wish. I don’t want it to become such a habit that I lose money. Therefore, if your hand itches, don’t scratch it! Any chance you had will be nullified by this action. The best way to increase your luck is to scratch against a tree or ask someone to scratch with the other hand opposite the one you are scratching with.   word-image-9459 word-image-9460 I had no luck with itchy palms, but on a trip to Hong Kong I bought a maneki-neko (or seductive cat) figurine. According to a belief originating in Japan, a cat brings good luck to its owner. About 2 or 3 days after I bought it, I got a call offering me a job while I was still on vacation. Coincidence or not? I’m glad I decided to pick up the phone! There are also several other ways to attract money. Besides the statue, I have a merchant’s stone in my bag. It’s a citrine gemstone that’s supposed to bring good luck. I also have a lot of checks, just like actor Jim Carrey, who kept them in his wallet until he got $10 million for the movie. Again… What’s wrong with a little faith? Especially if it’s cheap.   word-image-9461 word-image-9462

What does it mean when my left hand itches?

If your right hand itches, the left palm brings bad luck. Just like the different types of luck you can get, bad luck also comes in many forms. Financial loss can be the loss of the last coin you needed to buy a snack from the vending machine at work, or having to replace your roof after a severe hurricane. Unexpected events like these are why it’s also a good idea to set aside money and build an emergency fund.

Religious beliefs about hands

This little superstition also finds support in various religions. In Hindu religion, the goddess Lakshmi symbolizes happiness, wealth, fertility and prosperity. For people who believe in this goddess, the itch on the right hand brings good luck. If your left hand itches, it means Lakshmi is leaving you. For a woman, it’s the other way around. An itch in the right hand means that the woman will lose money, and in the left hand, that she will win money. Coming from the Bible, I’m not sure which hand to believe. Here are two passages I read: For I am the LORD your God, who takes you by the right hand, and says to you, Don’t be afraid, I will help you! – (Isaiah 41:13 New International Version (NIV)). But when you give to one in need, your left hand will not know what your right hand is doing. – (Matthew 6:3 New International Version (NIV)). This can be interpreted to mean that the right hand of God receives and shares the blessings. What’s your opinion? Finally, I believe that there is power in faith. You can express your desires, but you also have to take steps to make them happen. Don’t sit around waiting for blessings, go out and find them! Associated measured value: Powerful financial affirmations to attract money through the law of attraction.

Other monetary superstitions

There are many other superstitions related to money that I have inherited, as well as those I have encountered in my life. Have you heard of the next one or the other?

1. Putting the handbag on the ground

Putting your bag on the ground can be unlucky and costly. The floor is also too dirty to put anything on it that is constantly being touched.

2. Penny on the ground

A penny on the ground with the nipple up brings good luck, and with the nipple down bad luck. Depending on the culture, it’s considered the opposite.

3. Bird shit – good luck

Why is this an opportunity? I don’t know… but some people say if a bird craps on you, it brings you luck and money. I think I’d be happy to say no.Ooh, that itch you get on your right hand when you wake up could be a once in a lifetime opportunity. Really. Don’t scratch it. I’m serious. If you do, you’ll find out that it’s the result of a specific set of circumstances that will never, ever, be repeated again. But first, there are a few things you need to know.. Read more about itchy palm lottery and let us know what you think.

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